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3 Reasons Why You can’t reach your weight loss goal

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Have you already attempted all the available weight control plans including no-carb, fat-free, and low-protein ones? If you’ve pursued a diet with no solid food or attempted to check the calories of each meal and yet somehow majority of your attempts to lose weight haven’t been fruitful at this point, you may understand that something’s not right with all these techniques. In this article, we’ll clarify what could be causing your weight loss level.

  1. You eat proteins and carbs independently.

    The fans of a separate food diet are sure that you ought to eat proteins and carbs independently, else you will need to worry about food decaying in your stomach.
    However, the straightforward standards of anatomy totally ruin this hypothesis. The degree of gastric acid in your stomach makes the process of decaying difficult, and there’s the duodenum between your stomach and the small intestine which superbly processes proteins, carbs, and fats simultaneously. Also, various enzymes are expected to digest proteins and carbs.
    What to do: disregard isolating the food you eat. If you eat proteins and carbohydrates independently, your digestive system can’t work appropriately, and you’ll just get stomach issues as opposed to seeing positive weight loss results.

  2. You eat a lot of healthy food.

    You may think that if you eat only salads, steamed fish, and fresh fruits, you shouldn’t stress over putting on weight at all, unfortunately, it’s not valid.

    One tablespoon of olive oil contains around 150 kilocalories, there is the same measure of calories in a half of a huge avocado. if you include a tomato, a cucumber, and pumpkin seeds to make a salad, your light vegetable snack will transform into a genuine dinner of 500 kilocalories.

    What to do: research show that eating excessively, regardless of whether you eat sweets or vegetables, is risky for your health and furthermore affects your waistline. So if you need to stay in shape, you ought to consistently focus on your portion size.

  3. You are used to detox diets.

    Fresh juices and smoothies are absolutely helpful for you but not in the situation when your diet comprises only of them. If you follow this kind of diet, your body loses water and muscle mass instead of fat. In the end, you’ll rapidly recover the weight that you lost.

    What to do: rather than juices, choose whole vegetables and fruits. With them, your body will get all the essential vitamins and fiber, which is significant for smooth digestion.

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