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Unavoidable rules for weight loss

Unavoidable rules for weight loss

Here are some rules for weight loss you should aim at

1. To lose 10 pounds of body fat a year, you have to eat 100 calories less every day. Cutting such a large number of calories from your daily intake will sap your energy level and increase your craving, making you have the urge to spend too much on fatty foods.

2. Try not to skip breakfast. Eat in a space of two hours of waking.

3. Truth be told, have more breakfast than you might suspect you should. Exchange a portion of your dinner calories for more calories at breakfast

4. Try not to allow yourself to get hungry. Eat at least every four hours, and split a meal into equal parts to ensure you properly fuel up pre-and postrun. For instance, have some portion of your morning meal before your morning run (a banana) and whatever remains of your morning meal a while later (a bagel with peanut butter).

5. Eat at least three sorts of food each meal from these four groups: breads, oats, and grains; fruit and vegetables; low-fat dairy and soy; and lean meats, fish, and nuts. Breads, oats, and grains ought to be the foundation of each meal, with protein as a backup.

6. Aim for a steady loss of body fat. You’re more likely to put the weight on (and more) on if you drop weight too quickly.

7. Liquid calories add up quick and can prompt weight gain. Limit the measure of soft drinks, juices, store-bought smoothies, sports drinks, coffee drinks, and alcohol you consume.


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