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4 ways weight affects sex life

For most people, how you feel about your body is a major part of how you feel about having sex. If you feel confident, you’re ready to get it on. If you feel insecure, you just want to hide every part of yourself. But whether you think you’re too fat, too thin, or just right, there are hangups everyone has that contribute to what goes on in the bedroom. Extra weight (or not weighing enough) can also create a host of problems like hormonal imbalance and even erectile dysfunction. Now, we’re not about to say being overweight means your sex life suffers—but read on as we break down how the number on the scale is impacting your sex life in ways you never even realized it could.

4 ways weight affects sex life


  1. It Can Make You Focus on the Negative

    When you’re at a weight that you’re not happy at, it can control your mind—and visually impaired you from concentrating on the parts of your body you are confident about. Nobody despises everything about their body, so put the spotlight on the parts you do like. “Wear an outfit you feel great in, tune in to your favorite song, move your body, ensure that you smell good—these components can make you feel hotter.

  2. It Can Make It Harder to “Get It Up”

    Erectile dysfunction is a standout amongst the most well-known chronic conditions that men face and being overweight significantly increases the odds of an uncooperative, lazy penis. “Believe it or not, men who are only thirty pounds overweight are probably going to encounter ED by more than multiple times more!” says sex mentor Tara Radcliffe. “Additionally, obesity lowers testosterone in men, which is essential for sexual capacity. So all things considered, keeping a healthy weight is almost mandatory in order for a man to be active.” There’s a typical fan-most loved organic product that can help be a characteristic solution for ED—and is healthy to the point that eating right and shedding the weight will be somewhat less demanding.

  3. It Can Make You Use Your Mind

    If focusing on your body is causing stress, at that point switch blend things up by speaking profanely and invigorating the psyche. “Our greatest sex organ in the body is the brain so making the mind feel hot can spice up the sex. We all have very sexy minds no matter what size our body is,” says Michael.

  4. It Can Make Your Hormones Out of Whack

    For gent and ladies, higher levels of body fat mean you’ll have higher levels of a chemical called “Sex Hormone Binding Globulin” or SHBG. It actually ties to the sex hormone testosterone. Furthermore, when there’s an excess of testosterone bound to SHBG, there’s not enough available to stimulate desire.