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Archive for January 2019

How to help friends reach their weight loss goal

Buddying up can enable you to achieve your fitness goals—or whatever objective you happen to pursue. However, you don’t need to workout together to help one another (couples, inhale a sign of relief). Try one of these to help your friend: Buy them time. If your friend has children, offer to look after them. This…

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4 Ways to Plan your Weight Loss Goals

You could be at risk for health problems being overweight. Losing even a little measure of weight (5 to 10 percent of your complete body weight) can diminish and in some cases switch the risk. Losing weight will help you to have more energy, less joint ache, and a better night’s rest. Defining goals can…

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5 Ways to Reverse Holiday Weight Gain Quickly

Food and the Christmas season are not totally unrelated. Truly, you can have an abundance of food without a break on the calendar, but the holidays are not without their inducing, sugar coma-yearning, mulled, baked and guilt-ridden food. Be that as it may, come the New Year, there’s a mindset change. But before you promise…

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