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5 Kardashian diet and fitness tips that could actually work for you


Kim kardashian weight loss

1. Be specific — and realistic — about your personal fitness goals.

1. Be specific — and realistic — about your personal fitness goals.

Kim Kardashian West was vocal about her struggles with losing pregnancy weight. After giving birth to two kids, she decided to focus more heavily on health and fitness to create a body she would be proud of.

Kim began working with her newest trainer, bodybuilder Melissa Alcantara, who encouraged the reality star to write down her fitness goals.

“When I work with Kim, we like to set goals that we can feel good about reaching. Once we have a goal set, we write it down,” Alcantara wrote in a post on Kim’s website. “I’ve found that helps hold you accountable.”

Alex Koch, a professor of health science and certified strength and conditioning specialist, told INSIDER that the key to this practice is making sure your goals are “specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely” — or “SMART.”

“These goals should include not only outcomes (i.e. I want to lose 10 pounds), but also include process goals, which are goals for which we have direct control over whether they are accomplished (i.e. I will eat five servings of vegetables every day),” Koch told INSIDER in an email. “Setting and meeting goals enhance the exercise experience and improves adherence.”

2. Eat a protein-packed breakfast that will fuel you for the day.

2. Eat a protein-packed breakfast that will fuel you for the day.

Kourtney Kardashian and Khloe Kardashian have both advocated for protein shakes in the morning. Kendall Jenner once wrote that she starts her day with eggs, avocado, and oatmeal, while Kim told Harper’s Bazaar that she typically goes for scrambled eggs or oatmeal.

All of these foods are rich in protein and keep the body full and fueled for longer, whichhelps to start your day on the right foot.

“Adding nutritious sources of protein to breakfast can help boost energy and keep it steady all morning long,” dietitian Wendy Bazilian told INSIDER. Bazilian, author of “Eat Clean, Stay Lean,” also recommended coupling protein with complex carbohydrates, like fruit or whole grain bread.

Professor Mark Peterson, PhD, MS, told INSIDER a protein-rich diet is especially essential for those who exercise as often as the Kardashians.

“Adequate protein intake is crucial to support the adaptation potential of exercise, especially if someone trains six or seven days a week,” he told INSIDER.

3. Drink tea in the morning.

3. Drink tea in the morning.

“I usually start my day off with a cup of detox tea,” Kendall told E! News. “I have like 12 cups a day.

While this is probably an exaggeration — and keep in mind that there are no proven benefits of detox tea or “teatoxing” — swapping your morning coffee for tea can have serious health benefits. Tea is far more hydrating, and you may even find that it’s kinder to your skin. Dr. John Weisburger, senior researcher at the Institute for Cancer Prevention, told WebMD that many types are packed with antioxidants that “modify the metabolism to detoxify harmful chemicals.”

You can also drink a ton of tea (say, 12 cups a day) without much consequence. Too much coffee, on the other hand, can make you feel jittery, increase anxiety, or mess with your sleeping patterns, according to Psychology Today.

4. Avoid processed foods whenever possible.

4. Avoid processed foods whenever possible.

“I try to avoid processed foods in general. I really try to focus on fresh and organic fruits and vegetables, and healthy proteins like salmon, chicken and eggs,” Kourtney wrote on her website.

Kim’s trainer has also advised her to steer clear of processed foods.

“I want her to eat real food that’s cooked every day,” Alcantara told People. “Most likely if it comes out of a box, it’s not going to be good for you.”

Although you may not have the Kardashians’ personal chef to whip up a weekly batch of fresh, organic almond milk, it is a good idea to stay away from heavily processed foods as much as possible. Dietitian Andy Bellatti told INSIDER that these tend to be “high in added sugar, high in added sodium, and often contain the least healthful oils.”

Even pre-packaged foods masquerading as “healthy” are probably hiding tons of sugar and chemicals. Avoiding these health traps doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul of your diet, however: instead of grabbing a granola bar, for example, grab an apple.

5. Use exercise as a stress reliever.

5. Use exercise as a stress reliever.

During her stressful divorce, Khloe rejected her emotional eating habits and turned to the gym as a safe haven instead, she told Health magazine.

“If I was stressed out or sad, I would eat … I had to learn how to then put all my energy into something positive and healthy for me, which is how I fell in love with working out,” she revealed on an episode of “Revenge Body.”

Using exercise as a stress reliever is both valid and extremely beneficial. For those who struggle with mental health, some studies even put the effects of exercise on the same level as prescription medications, according to Koch.

“Exercise has a strong, measurable benefit for mental health,” he told INSIDER. “Controlled studies consistently show that exercise significantly reduces depression and anxiety.”

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