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5 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight | Women and Health

5 Reasons You Are Gaining Weight | Women and Health

why you are gaining weightOne morning you step on the scale and you are on track. The following morning, you’re up by five pounds, you are so surprise by the sudden increment.
Many people have experienced it at some point and it’s frustrating and bewildering: Your clothes are feeling cozy, and you hadn’t seen a reason behind it.

In some cases, the reasons are more sneakier than you might suspect. So if you’ve gained a couple of pounds and you don’t know why, check whether these signs sound recognizable.

1. You did too much exercise

body doesn't respond to exercise

After a long workout, particularly if you did much, compound developments that select a great deal of huge muscles, you can easily gain few pounds for a few days. Those tears that happen in your muscle cells after exercise recuperate through a process of natural inflammation. That includes some pooling of liquids around the muscle cells, which could make you to gain weight, This does not mean you should avoid those calorie-burning quality moves. Simply let your muscles recoup.

2. The work you do

black American Lady Busy At Work

If you’ve had a nine-to-five work for a period of time, you won’t not speculate it as a purpose behind gaining weight, however the facts of office life go past the stationary idea of it and can compound rapidly. Possibly another task makes you work late and in this way you’re not getting enough sleep and you are stressed, as well as you’re so busy to put together a healthy lunch, so you’re eating more fatty fast food. You could overcome this by eat healthy snacks. see some healthy lunch ideas here.

3. You Overeat Healthy Foods

healthy fiber

While losing your extra layers is the objective, portion size is similarly as important as practicing good eating habits. The reason: Many nutritious foods—like avocados, cereal, quinoa, dull chocolate, nuts and nut margarine can prompt weight pick up when eaten in excess.

Unless it’s a vegetable or fruit, don’t make the presumption that the healthy food you’re eating has low calories. You could detox excess fat with this amazing detox tea

4. You rush or skip meals

fast eating

The pattern and timing of when you eat certain foods are basic to keeping up a healthy weight.

Research demonstrates that people who skip breakfast are more regularly overweight than the those who don’t miss breakfast.

Eating fast can make you eat more than you planned. Chew intentionally amid your meal and drink water between chomps to moderate your average eating pace.

5. Your Medications

medications for aged

Some medications could be the reason you are gaining weight. Talk to your specialist to see whether the medications prescribe for you are making it hard to keep up a healthy weight and change them if possible. If your specialist says an alternative isn’t viable then you should be more strict with eating routine and exercise to help balance their consequences on your weight. Cases of pharmaceuticals that can add to weight pick up are steroids, (for example, prednisone, hydrocortisone, cortef, and kenalog in topical, inhaled, infusion, or oral structures), diabetes medicines like insulin and a few medications that treat stress, headaches, seizures, and hypertension.


Keep in mind, weight reduction requires much time input, care, and persistence. Begin every day with a positive view towards your definitive objective. You will get there.

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