Profits from activity? Don't put them in your sock!

Service Business

It cannot be denied that starting a business involves numerous investments. Often additional resources are needed to start, but also time, knowledge and skills. At the beginning of running a business, you invest more in it and make sure that it starts to function well. Later, when it reaches a good position on the market, it would be worth considering another form of investment, i.e. investing the obtained surpluses. It is definitely not profitable to keep them in your account, but to make sure that this money earns extra money. How to invest your business profits? We answer!

How to invest your business profits?

Before you go into investing specific amounts, think about your investment goal. How long will you need this cash? Are you ready to take risks or do you prefer to act safely? How much capital and in what time do you want to raise?

Savings accounts

This is one of the most popular methods of saving money, which is characterized by high flexibility. The advantage of this solution is the fact that you can set a permanent transfer to the savings account. In addition, money can be withdrawn in any situation. The first withdrawals are free, the rest may be subject to small commissions.


Deposits are chosen very often, but it cannot be denied that they are much less flexible than a savings account. Short-term and long-term deposits are available at banks. Which one you choose should depend on your needs. Do you want and can you freeze money for long? Or not necessarily? Decide on the option that's best for you.


You can also choose a polysolokata. This is a policy that you make with your insurance company. This contract is signed for a specified period, and after its completion, the money paid for the insurance appears on the account along with the premium.

Treasury bonds

This is another way to make "risk-free" investments. Hence, government bonds bear a fairly low interest rate, unlike corporate bonds, which are much more profitable.

Investment funds

That is, investing in stocks, bonds, raw materials or real estate through investment fund companies. When purchasing a unit of an investment fund, we are the owners of the pool of assets managed by TFI. By investing with TFI, you can diversify your investments and reduce risk. Moreover, professionals help in this.

Real estate

Investing in real estate has become a very popular form of investment. It is believed that this is a method that cannot be lost, which is not necessarily true. Depending on the type of property, the risk profile and rates of return vary. Moreover, real estate investments have a high cost of entry. The advantage is that their value does not drop to zero and they can generate a steady income.

Other investments

Other ways of investing can be, among others, cryptocurrencies, Forex, or any alternative investments, e.g. in diamonds, art, wine, stamps, etc. These, depending on the type, may involve quite high risk.

Investing in yourself

When we talk about running our own business, we must not forget to invest in ourselves. Your income depends on the skills and knowledge that you can gain from training. It is worth allocating part of the surplus to this form of investment in order to earn even more as a result.
Choose the method of investing that is most compatible with what you want to achieve. Keep in mind how long you can freeze your money for and also how much you can lose. Thanks to this, you will make the best possible investment decisions.