Increasing the company's financial liquidity by reducing costs

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The main goal of the company is to maintain financial liquidity, regardless of the stage of development or the number of employees. In addition to the ambition to increase profits on a monthly basis, the company should have the ability to regulate its current obligations. The problem comes with the onset of a crisis or when unexpected expenses arise that can give the owners a headache. In such a situation, entrepreneurs often take all measures necessary to maintain the proper functioning of the company. As it turns out, you don't need to take out a loan. It is enough to look around, because savings can be found in the costs generated by the company.

What can an entrepreneur save on?

Each company incurs fixed costs beyond its control. As it turns out, many of them are not needed for the proper functioning of the enterprise. It is difficult to save on fees for obligatory social security contributions for the owner or employees, on salaries for employees or rent for the rented premises. With a little perseverance, however, you can tighten the belt in terms of telephone, energy, internet and software for companies. You do not have to drastically reduce them, because there are many interesting alternatives on the market that allow you to make savings in the company.

Limiting costs in the company - electricity as a source of savings

Saving electricity is one of the first steps you should take when thinking about reducing costs in your company. What is it connected with? You do not need to restrict your colleagues' access to light. It is enough to look around whether there is currently a competitive offer on the market from any energy supplier. In the era of strong competition, there are many interesting alternatives, specially tailored to the needs of the company. It is also worth getting interested in independent electricity suppliers who offer much more attractive prices - on average, breaking the old contract and signing a new one can save up to 15% of monthly electricity costs.

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Speaking of electricity, a few tips regarding the use of devices in the company cannot be omitted. Costs can be reduced by buying A + class office equipment or by regularly disconnecting unused equipment from the power supply - a common mistake is to leave the devices in standby mode, which also consumes such valuable energy, and at the same time generates huge costs per year.

Need a phone on every desk? Not necessarily!

The telephone is - apart from electricity - one of the best sources of savings in the company. Especially today, in the age of the Internet, there are many more interesting solutions for communication between employees or contractors, which will help entrepreneurs save considerable money after just a few months. The times when in large companies for convenient communication every employee had a telephone at their desk are over. Today, it has been replaced by the internet, and with it the ability to send e-mails and instant messaging, which also allows you to conduct videoconferences with multiple colleagues. The network offers a wide range of free and fully legal communicators, which effectively replace the classic telephone with the quality of connection and speed of data transfer. At the same time, we save on the phone bill, and additionally we have access to additional functions, such as, for example, sending documents.

As with electricity, you should shop around for a new contract.Entrepreneurs most often ignore this issue, prolonging contracts out of laziness - as a rule, this process is automatic, which is why it is so common. A bit of motivation and willingness will make finding an attractive offer for companies should not be a challenge, which may result in additional discounts and a better technological solution. What's more, it is worth considering combined packages in such a situation - e.g. several phones on the necessary positions and a wireless network within the company. Savings guaranteed, and the work thanks to new changes will become more pleasant and more efficient.

Be ecological and you will save a lot!

Office supplies are usually associated with small expenses in the company. However, if we take into account their costs per year, it turns out that these are not so small fees.

First of all, you should invest in modern equipment, which, on the one hand, will attract with an attractive price, and on the other hand, guarantee low operating costs. A printer in an office is essential for proper documentation. Are you sure? In the event that the situation actually forces us to print a large number of documents on a regular basis, it is worth taking an interest in a laser printer. Not only does it print documents faster, but you can see a significant saving in money when you choose the right model.

Not all documents need to be printed. In the era of the growing popularity of electronic accounting or the possibility of legally issuing e-invoices, there is no need to waste time and money on printing. It is enough to save the file on your computer in PDF format and send it to the contractor via e-mail, if, of course, he wishes to do so. In the case of internal documents, we should obligatorily transfer all documentation to the network - for this purpose, e.g. cloud applications, which enable cataloging important documents on a virtual disk, will help. In this way, we save not only paper and toner, but also envelopes, postage stamps and valuable time - the invoice sent reaches the addressee after a few seconds.

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A good computer in the company - a necessity or an unnecessary expense?

As it has already been explained, a computer with Internet access is an indispensable work tool today. However, is the purchase of a high-class PC with good technical parameters necessary for every employee? It all really depends on the business profile. For example, if an employee is a graphic designer and designs three-dimensional graphics, a strong computer is essential for him. In the case of office workers who use a computer, for example, for accounting or basic editorial work, it is worth considering weaker machines - several workplaces will save up to several thousand zlotys. The same applies to software - while the operating system is worth having in a commercial version, all kinds of applications, anti-virus programs and instant messaging are enough for employees in the free version. It is not worth wasting money on licenses costing from several hundred to even several thousand zlotys for one position - on the Internet you will find many free and legal solutions that guarantee high quality and comfort of work.

Cheaper accounting is not always a good idea

Are you planning to save money on the accounting office? Think twice before making a decision. Not every accounting office offering a lower price will guarantee an equally professional service - it is worth reading the opinions on the Internet first or listen to the advice of people using the selected service provider. We can also take care of accounting ourselves - of course, the beginnings can be problematic, but there are already interesting and convenient platforms on the market that allow you to conduct online accounting on your own. The selected systems not only help in taking the first steps in accounting, but also provide high-quality substantive care to their users.

As you can see in the examples above, with a little will and persistence, each company can save a lot of money over the course of a year. Companies often disregard the most insignificant expenses - such as the aforementioned office supplies. If you look closely, this kind of savings can be found even more. This guide aims to draw attention to the most popular - not necessarily indispensable - elements of the everyday functioning of each company.