Give up or let yourself be fired?

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Your future in the company is uncertain? Are you at risk of being fired due to poor performance or you just don't get along with your boss? Should you wait until you are fired or go away yourself? The answer depends on what matters more to you - reputation or finances?

If you leave alone, it will feel as though it was up to you to decide. Unfortunately, then you will most likely not receive severance pay, and certainly not the same amount as in the case of a dismissal. Here are some other things to consider before making your decision:

Is your mental health in good shape?

Before you give your notice of termination, make sure that your bad situation at work is not putting too much pressure on your psyche. How difficult is it for you to get up in the morning thinking you have to go to work? Not so bad? So maybe it's worth some effort. However, if the aversion to work is very strong - you should leave.

What career level are you at?

Usually, the impact of dismissal is not that strong for those with little experience. You can then take your job loss as something of a temporary nature. However, it should be honest to say about dismissal at the next interview. Of course, it is not necessary to go into details and mention that the dismissal was due to poor results - suggests Małgorzata Majewska, expert of

What are your prospects?

In a managerial position, looking for a job usually takes about six months. So make sure you have adequate financial as well as mental security to treat yourself to such a break. The waiting time for a new career opportunity obviously depends on the industry and its current market situation. In addition, employers often prefer to employ people who are currently employed or those who have been unemployed for a period of less than six months. - notes Małgorzata Majewska.

With all of this in mind, consider if you can do it. If everything indicates that you are - feel free to quit your job.

Do you have any influence?

People in fairly high positions can often count on a favorable financial security package in exchange for not contributing to the deterioration of the company's image after leaving. Most companies realize that departing managers pose a threat as they may speak unfavorably about their former employer - explains Małgorzata Majewska.

Will the rumor spread?

If you work in a high position, it is very likely that you are trading in a fairly airtight professional environment. In this case, everyone will soon know about the reasons for parting with the company. So it is better to give up yourself.

In addition, a certain range of competencies is expected of employees in senior positions. If you are fired, these competencies may be challenged by the industry community.

Accept your destiny

If, however, you decide to wait for the dismissal letter, be prepared for this moment. Seek advice from friends or go to a career coach. The worst thing you can do is negate the whole situation. Accept the inevitable and make sure it happens under the most favorable terms for you.

Author: Małgorzata Majewska, expert at