Social media in e-commerce - are they necessary?

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Have you ever wondered why social media is so important in the business world? Some of you may be, but there is a group of people who use them thoughtlessly. They move on Facebook or Twitter ineptly, thus blocking themselves the way to good advertising and attracting a wider group of customers. This is because they cannot use social media tools properly, but only imitate the actions of others. In this area you have to be very original and inventive to be able to exist and stand out above the competition. To achieve this, you need the appropriate knowledge on the basis of which we will create our own action plan. Is social media in e-commerce necessary?

Social media in e-commerce - the right choice?

There is a very rich offer of social networks on the internet market, which in a way makes it difficult for us to effectively use social media in e-commerce. We want to be the most recognizable and well-known and that is why we sometimes operate on a larger number of platforms. We can choose from Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, Instagram or LinkedIn.

The above-mentioned brands are the most frequently used social media in e-commerce, which does not mean that the list is closed. However, we will focus on the most popular ones, because they allow us to achieve the greatest success in the marketing industry. In Poland, Facebook is undoubtedly the king of social media. It brings together the largest number of not only individual Internet users, but also companies and large enterprises. Online stores have also found their place there and are doing very well there. According to statistics, Instagram, Google+, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat are also very important in the area of ​​social media in e-commerce, which stand out from the "king" of social media despite their high position in the rankings. This allows us to draw certain conclusions and thus decide on which social media it is best to promote your online store. There is no doubt about the popularity of Facebook, which has endless possibilities and is eagerly chosen by e-commerce companies. This is the site where the most users have their account and a lot of people spend their days there.

It is worth having your own fanpage, i.e. the advantages of a permanent social media account

On Facebook, an online store should definitely have a fanpage. If it is not there, it loses a lot, because the competition is not idle, thus promoting its brand and establishing contact with its customers. Let's also not forget about other possible social media in e-commerce, such as Instagram, Google+ or Twitter, which, despite their lower popularity, also play an important role. Contrary to statistics, running your own blog is also a great idea. However, its structure should be very carefully analyzed so that the content is of interest to the client.

Own strategy, i.e. social media tactic in e-commerce

Creating an image in social media is an integral part of running any internet activity. It is mainly on them that advertising and the dissemination of information about the company and its offer are based. There are many possibilities, but few, the most popular ones, are used. However, this does not mean that they are the most effective. An entrepreneur who starts his career in e-commerce often follows the example of other salespeople in the industry and follows the same path. The consequences are easy to predict - it will always be overshadowed by the competition. Knowing the strategies of others is worth knowing, but you cannot follow it. To overcome others, we need to be original. For this, we need a good idea and knowledge of other companies' action plan - based on it, we can create a better, more effective one. Above all, we should think about the client all the time. Social networks are useful to connect with a group of our clients. It is not a direct sale, but building solid and close relationships with customers. We try to instill confidence in them. At the same time, we obtain information about their needs and opinions about our products. In this way, we strengthen our position on the market and give our customers what they expect from us.

To efficiently navigate social media in e-commerce, we need to get acquainted with the tools they offer us. Each portal offers different opportunities, but all are aimed at allowing online retailers to promote their brand. Getting to know the mechanism of the platform's operation is one thing, skillful use of it - another.

Social media in e-commerce - Zuckerberg's website and its possibilities

Facebook has power in today's social media for one important reason: it has an unbeatable tool - Internet users. This is what e-commerce needs to exist. So what can be done to make Facebook users our customers?

  • Be original and show that you stand out. Your fanpage must have its own specific appearance. Take care of the appropriate profile picture, which in the case of a company account can be the logo of your company. Try to put posts on the board that are not visually boring. Let it be text enriched with an image or an animation. It will surely catch the eye of Internet users.

  • Do not limit yourself to just the text, an interesting option to show the company's activities or implement new ideas is a video or presentation. Thanks to this, you have the opportunity to provide more information in an unusual way.

  • Write about what is related to the activities of your store. Let the content of the fan page reflect your brand.

  • Put on the opinion and valuable comments of your recipients. Ask questions, create conversations, conduct polls and polls. Find out what you should change in your offer, what to introduce and what is very popular. Any changes based on the ideas of your audience should be posted on Facebook. Let them see that you need them, that they are the meaning of your company.

  • Give something from yourself. Promotions, bonuses, discounts - this customer appreciates very much. By offering them special offers, you will surely attract their attention and encourage them to continue shopping.

  • Bring them to your company. Show your clients how your company works, how it is developing, how it changes. This is always of interest to the audience. Most often, they do not have access to such information because the entrepreneur "locks the front door to his company". By publishing something that is secret, you gain trust and recognition. You open up even more and get closer to your internet users.

Social media - Twitter secrets worth knowing

In Poland, this portal is gaining more and more users' sympathy. However, it still enjoys less recognition than Facebook. The reason for this is the fact that many Internet users cannot navigate it efficiently and effectively. By delving into the secrets of Twitter, we can see that it has great potential for social media in e-commerce. Here are some interesting tools that you will find only on this portal:

  • Followerwonk: this tool allows you to find your potential customers. Just enter a keyword related to your product or offer, and you will receive a list of people who might be interested in this offer. With this option, you can also track your competition and see which Internet users are interested in their offer. Thus, it will be easier to encourage them to choose your offer, however.

  • TweetStats: You can't beat your competition if you don't know their stats. On Twitter, you can analyze them all and compare them with your own. By entering the username, we obtain hourly, daily or monthly statements regarding activities on the competitive company's portal.

  • Tweriod: Your goal is to reach as many audiences as possible. This tool allows you to choose the appropriate posting time for tweet sharing. That's not all - it also analyzes the accounts of our followers and allows you to publish news when they are currently available.

Facebook and Twitter are social media that are very popular both among individual Internet users and online stores. However, it is worth getting acquainted with the possibilities of other social media. They may also surprise you with interesting tools that you can use to promote your brand. However, the most important thing is to rely on your own experiences, not to close yourself to the customer, get to know his needs and improve the offer. Activity on social networks is an important element in promoting the company, so let's act consistently and regularly share content on our portals.