Changes in the register of business activities - new CEIDG-1 form

Service Business

An application for entry in the Central Register of Information on Economic Activity may be submitted to the commune office selected by the entrepreneur: in person or by registered mail. In such a situation, the commune authority is to verify the content of the application in formal terms and confirm the acceptance of the application against receipt. The registration authorities are obliged to transfer the data of entrepreneurs engaged in economic activity and entrepreneurs who have suspended the performance of economic activity, contained in the existing records, to the new teleinformation system - Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) by 31 December 2011. This also applies to data collected in the records kept by municipalities and subject to entry in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity. After the expiry of the deadline, the existing records of economic activity kept in communes are subject to archiving, and the authorities of the communes remain competent in the field of registration of entrepreneurs who completed their business activity before July 1, 2011.

CEIDG's task is to:

  • registration of entrepreneurs who are natural persons;
  • providing information about entrepreneurs and other entities to the extent specified in the Act;
  • enabling access to data provided free of charge by the Central Information Office of the National Court Register;
  • making it possible to determine the date and scope of changes to entries in CEIDG and the authority introducing them.

The transfer of data and information will take place via the electronic platform of public administration services. Applications for entry to CEIDG, information and other data will be provided to CEIDG via electronic forms posted on the CEIDG website, in the Public Information Bulletin of the Minister of Economy and on the electronic platform of public administration services. Entry in CEIDG will be made upon request, unless a special provision provides for an ex officio entry.