Cold feet and hands - what can they say?

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Many people struggle with the problem of cold feet and hands. However, as it usually does not interfere with everyday functioning, this issue is often underestimated. But is it right? What can cold hands and feet mean? Should we worry if we are still freezing? Read this article and find out more!

Cold feet - find out the causes

It is believed that as many as half of us complain about cold feet. This can be embarrassing because often freezing feet make us uncomfortable and we feel cold in more than one part of the body.

Why do our feet get cold? This is often the cause of poor circulation. It can be said that they are sometimes treated by the body a little neglect, because it must first of all provide blood to the internal organs. So, cold feet can also be a sign of poor circulation or heart problems.

Although this is the simplest explanation, the cause of cold feet can also be pressure, that is ... too tight socks or too tightly tied shoes. The blood cannot flow freely then and we feel an unpleasant chill.

Cold feet are also one of the symptoms of atherosclerosis. This is because cholesterol reduces the diameter of the arteries, so the blood circulates more slowly and does not reach all the places it should.

This type of freezing can also be harmless and related to, for example, body build (most often tall and slim people freeze) or, for example, to intense stress. Cold feet can also be a sign of being too emotional. People who overeat everything produce a lot of catecholamine in their bodies, which in turn causes the blood vessels in the feet to shrink.

If we sit or stand in one position for a long time, we also risk cooling our feet. It is worth moving a little from time to time, changing your position, stretching, taking a walk.

Why are your hands cold?

There are several sayings about cold hands, for example, it is said that such a condition is a sign of a hot heart. This is certainly very nice for people who have such a problem, but the reason for this may be slightly different than innate tenderness.

As with the feet, cold hands may also be evidence of poor blood circulation. Stress may also be the cause. Adrenaline rises, blood rushes to internal organs, hands and feet are hungry for it, so we feel cold.

In the case of feet, we mentioned too tight socks or shoes, but if our hands feel cold, pay attention to bracelets and watches. Perhaps we fastened them so tightly that the blood cannot flow, and we freeze.

Cold hands can be a consequence of taking certain medications. It is always worth reading the leaflet carefully or consulting a doctor.

Another cause of cold hands may be cigarette smoking, as nicotine causes blood vessels to narrow.

How to warm up frozen hands and feet?

If we feel the bitter cold of feet and hands, it is worth using a few home remedies to help us deal with this problem.

At the beginning, we can take a warming bath. It is worth adding some oil to the water, which will stimulate our blood circulation. By the way, we will relax and rest, so we will combine business with pleasure.

To speed up and improve blood circulation, it is worth getting a massage device and massaging cold limbs every now and then. Thanks to this, the blood will get to where it should be, and we will get rid of the unpleasant feeling.

After bathing or during it, you can use a natural fiber brush to brush frozen parts of the body. Such practices will also stimulate circulation.

If the symptoms worsen when we sit or stand in one position for a long time, try to get up and move from time to time. Let's do a few squats, take a walk around the room, change positions.

You can also use warming ointments. Let's smear our feet and put on some warm socks.

When we warm up our feet, it is good to prepare some warm drink, which will additionally warm up our body, thanks to which we will feel a pleasant change in temperature faster.

Cold feet and hands - what else can they testify to?

Cold feet and hands can also be a symptom of many diseases, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, anemia, viral hepatitis and pulmonary edema. On the other hand, however, such a state does not always mean that something is wrong in our body. Some of us just have it that both upper and lower limbs freeze faster. However, in order to feel better, it is worth not to ignore this symptom and see a doctor. Thanks to such a visit, we will make sure that there is nothing wrong with us or we will be able to start treatment.

Cold feet and hands often make our whole body freeze, we cannot warm up and we do not feel well. It is difficult to function when we are cold. Therefore, it is worth trying home remedies for warming up, and if this does not help, be sure to go to a specialist. This symptom should not be ignored because it does not always fit into our nature. It can signal us that something is wrong with our body.