Plants in the office - the impact of plants on employee productivity

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Do you have a hand for flowers? Do not limit your hobby to the privacy of your home. Scientists have proven that plants in the office have a positive effect on employees. Change the work environment and increase staff efficiency!

For the disease - fern!

Office workers most often complain of headaches, problems with concentration, eye irritation. They also suffer from dry throat and dry skin (especially on the hands). In addition, there is a cough, nausea and a constant feeling of tiredness. These complaints are repeated in various studies on office work - so it cannot be a coincidence or the fault of employees. The environment in which employees spend most of their day has a huge impact on their health. There is often not enough light in office rooms, and the employee is doomed to artificial lighting all day long. Air conditioning and radiators dry the air. Computer monitors, printers, copiers emit acetone and trichlorethyl which adversely affect our well-being.

Plants in the office increase air humidity and have a moisturizing effect. Most of them absorb harmful substances - they clean the air like a natural filter.In addition, it is estimated that thanks to potted plants, the productivity of employees can be increased by 10 to 15%. At the same time, the number of mistakes made by them is reduced by 12%. And that's not all of the benefits that plants can bring in the office!

Why keep plants in the office?

Plants in the office increase employee productivity and positively affect their well-being, according to research by the American Psychological Association (APA). In the report "The relative of green versus lean office space" published in August this year, scientists prove the superiority of green offices over sterile rooms. The results of the study clearly show that empty offices devoid of photos, pictures, personal mementos are the "most toxic space" in which a person can be placed.

The research was conducted in collaboration with three academic centers: in Australia, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. Dr. Chris Knight and his colleagues have been analyzing the impact of office space on employee productivity for 10 years. When asked what is the reason for the fashion for Spartan, clean offices, he replies that he thought about it for a long time himself. “If you put an ant in an empty jar or put a gorilla in an empty cage, they will be unhappy and lost. It is similar with man, ”he added.

Minimalistic, little-hugging offices are the dominant trend in contemporary design. Meanwhile, research shows that such a sterile environment does not have a positive effect on our work and well-being. Professor Alex Haslam of The University of Queensland's School of Psychology comments on a global love of office minimalism as follows: “Our research has challenged the belief that less is more. Sometimes less is just less. " No unnecessary philosophy.

The influence of potted plants on health

Plants increase the sense of security. They have a positive effect on the well-being of employees, have a calming effect, soothe the nerves, and at the same time mobilize to action.

In addition, plants struggle with unfavorable environmental factors; they ionize the air, remove harmful substances, and moisturize. Moreover, they act as a natural alarm - they signal negative phenomena. By observing them, it can be concluded that the air in the office is, for example, too dry. Plants in the office also help with tired eyes in front of the monitor. Thanks to the flowers, the interior becomes more muffled, which has a positive effect on hearing.

Plants in the office will improve the company's image

Of course, there are many factors that affect productivity. Potted plants are just one of the many possibilities. Nevertheless, the space in which we work is important. Reviving it with a few living flowers is inexpensive, and the effects of the changes can be impressive. Remember to choose plants that are easy to grow and durable for your office. Pay attention to the pots - they must match the interior. Choose simple and elegant ones that will not distract from the plant. Position them so that each employee can see the plant while sitting at the desk. Scientists recommend not less than one houseplant per square meter of office space. Additionally, you can place a small pot near the monitor and other equipment that emits harmful substances.

And one more thing, plants in the office warm up the interior and make it aesthetically more interesting. They show that you care about a good image of the company and demonstrate an eco-friendly attitude. Moreover, employees who work in offices filled with plants evaluate their boss better.