Healthy sleep - log out to get a good rest

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Activities that enhance healthy sleep are especially important. You can't fall asleep almost every evening, although the days are not stressful at all, and you try to follow the rules of healthy sleep? You don't know what the reason is, so do you browse the internet in the evenings to occupy yourself with this time? Or maybe you read books on a tablet, laptop or phone? Most likely, it's these habits that make you have trouble falling asleep. The screens disrupt the rhythm of the day and night and make us not fully rested in the morning, often in a bad mood. Why?

Healthy sleep - can the screen deprive us of sleep?

Before going to bed, we often manage to find a moment just for ourselves, so we try to make up for what we missed during the day. We check social networks, watch movies and videos, read articles or books, sometimes we just play games to relax. Everything is usually done on a computer, smartphone or tablet. Although it may seem that such practices can put us to sleep - quite the opposite. The blue light of the screen deceives our brain and disrupts healthy sleep.

The ganglion cells of the eye send signals to the brain that tell whether it's day or night. When we look at the screen, the eye perceives blue light, which for it is a sign that it is dawn. The brain immediately increases its activity, melatonin ceases to be secreted, which makes us spin from side to side and we cannot fall asleep. We get up tired, and lack of sleep is often associated with a bad mood.

How to take care of a healthy sleep?

First of all, it is worth switching off all devices that emit blue light 2-3 hours before going to bed. Close all affairs, do not reach for the phone just before falling asleep, do not check the e-mail anymore. Of course, there are people who just need to be online then, but try to avoid it. In cases where we have no choice, we can use applications that warm up the light of the screen and adapt it to the time of day. Keep in mind that the warmer the light, the better. If we like to read before going to bed, try to choose paper books or readers that are not illuminated.

There are several other ways to ensure a healthy sleep. First of all, let's spend less time in bed, if possible, make it just for sleeping. Let's also be physically active. Afternoon fatigue will certainly make us feel drowsy in the evening. When we cannot sleep, do not look at our watch all the time, the passing time will stress us, which will keep us from falling asleep. Let's also try to regulate our lifestyle and get up at the same time every day. It is also worth giving up naps, especially if you want them to last 30 minutes, and you actually fall asleep for a few hours.

Poles and healthy sleep

Poles' sleep statistics are disturbing. Only 45% sleep 7 hours or more, and every 4th person gets less than 6 hours of sleep. No wonder that almost half of Poles never get enough sleep. In addition, almost 55% of people before going to bed recall and analyze all stressful situations that happened during the day, which disrupts healthy sleep.

Not getting enough sleep can lead to mood deterioration and even cardiovascular disease. Unreed people are also more likely to develop diabetes. When we cannot fall asleep, we get stressed. We often do not realize that our phone or computer may be the culprit of such problems. Unfortunately, we are used to technology and it is difficult for us to give it up even for a few hours. However, it is worth trying to turn off all devices for some time before going to sleep and check if it is easier for us to fall asleep. When we get enough sleep, we will certainly be more efficient and motivated.