Foreign books worth reading

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Searching for interesting books is certainly not an easy task, after all, we offer so many titles that it is difficult to choose something suitable for you, especially when we do not know exactly what we want. For this reason, we often give up reading. However, reading is such a pleasant and interesting pastime that it is not worth stopping your search. Various rankings and reviews can facilitate them. What interesting does foreign literature serve us? What foreign books are worth knowing?

Foreign books on difficult issues

There are phenomena and issues that shock, seem completely incomprehensible and alien. Books can introduce them to us in various ways. A brilliant example of presenting the perception of the world from a different, at times terrifying, surprising and terrible perspective is Vladimir Nabokov's Lolita. The novel shows the obsessive feeling of an adult man, Humbert Humbert, for a 12-year-old girl. The author is even disturbingly able to enter the hero's head and present all his hesitations, excuses and feelings. The book is terrifying, sometimes even dismissing it, but at the same time it is well written, it evokes a lot of emotions and shows Nabokov's amazing technique. The novel breaks the taboo, forces you to think and discuss. There is no doubt that it has aroused and is still controversial. Lolita is not an easy-to-read and enjoyable book, and it cannot be said that reading it is entertainment, but it is definitely worth reaching for. This is a phenomenal book, very strong, so if we really care about emotions, we should read it.

Foreign Books: Thrillers

Thriller writers have quite a task ahead of them. It is difficult to lead the plot in such a way that until the very end of the explanation of the riddle, the reader does not guess for a moment what is really going on. Jeffery Deaver, one of the most popular psychological thrillers, certainly has this ability. He perfectly builds an intrigue, takes care of every, even the smallest detail, leads the reader to the trail, only to make him realize in a moment that he has made a mistake, and above all - despite the many books he has written - he is not out of practice. A book that is definitely worth recommending is "The Bone Collector". Based on it, a popular movie with Angelina Jolie and Denzel Washington was made. This item is the first part of a series about Lincoln Rhym and Amelia Sachs. Lincoln was once an excellent forensic scientist, but was paralyzed in a serious accident. He does not finish his work, because he becomes a consultant whose opinion is consulted by the police in the most serious cases. During the search for the murderer who collects human bones, a talented policewoman, Amelia, begins cooperation with him. As a duo, they are insurmountable and can cope with whatever adversity the investigation brings. Deaver is an author who refines the novels to such an extent that each one becomes an amazing entertainment for all fans of the genre. His books are definitely worth reading!

Foreign books with the culture of Japan in the background

Arthur Golden has written a wonderful book, Memoirs of a Geisha. Many people believe that a prostitute is a synonym for geisha and do not know exactly what her role in Japanese culture is. The book introduces this topic a bit. The author has carefully prepared every detail of this novel, which you really feel while reading. Sometimes it is even amazing how a writer - a man - describes the world perfectly through the eyes of a young woman. The form of the narrative is also interesting, because - despite the fact that the book resembles a diary - the protagonist addresses a specific person about whom we know almost nothing. In addition, the novel literally absorbs, it is impossible to tear yourself away from it, it charms the reader. You can relax with it and learn many interesting things related to Japan.

The publishing market offers us a lot of books, among which we will surely find something that will fully suit us. Sometimes trial and error research is a good path to success and learn about the species that suits you best. The above books will surely find their loyal fans, maybe it will be you?