Compensation is due for an accident in the store

Service Business

Clearly the fault lies with the owner in the event of damage being suffered on the premises of the store due to, for example, a slippery floor. He is then obliged to pay compensation to the injured party for an accident in the store. If, on the other hand, the customer contributed to the damage, then the obligation to repair it is proportionally reduced according to his fault.

It does not matter whether it is a large supermarket or a small local store. In any case, the owner is responsible for following the relevant rules and maintaining the store's infrastructure in a proper order that does not pose a threat.

In a situation where the customer breaks his leg or suffers other serious injuries on the premises of the store, and it is caused by the fault of the owner, he has the right to demand compensation for the damage suffered. We are talking here about cases where, for example, the staff left a wet floor during the opening hours of the store, or did not clean up spilled liquids, food leftovers or other things that could have caused damage to customers.

A person who has been personally injured or his property has been damaged is responsible for proving that the fault lies with the owner of the store. Therefore, he must ensure that appropriate evidence is collected, e.g. testimonies of witnesses, photos or medical documentation, and then report to the manager or owner of the store in order to prepare an appropriate annotation about the course of the event. It is important that it is signed by the preparer.

The amount of the requested compensation depends on the type of damage suffered and whether it can be adequately proven. For this to be possible, it is also important to have appropriate documents regarding treatment, lost earnings or a list of property damages.