YouTube as a tool for promoting a company on the Internet

Service Business

Do you use YouTube privately, but do you have your channel there? By creating your own YouTube account, you can gain a lot - see for yourself what it brings.

Imagine sitting comfortably on the couch, with the remote control in your hand and browsing the TV channels. Isn't it that you usually choose the same channels? For some it will be news channels, for others it will be sports channels, and for others it will be their favorite series. It can be similar with YouTube - by setting up your own channel, you can reach your audience and stay with them permanently. It pays off, right?

YouTube is strong

YouTube has permanently entered the Polish and global Internet. When he started in 2005, no one realized that after a few years, we would find almost everything there - funny amateur videos, favorite songs, full-length movies, excerpts from sports competitions, guides and many other things. There is also a place for you, because YouTube is, in a simplified way, Internet television to which anyone can add a movie.

Why is it worth doing this? YouTube's potential is key. The portal is used by over a billion users who watch hundreds of millions of hours of videos every day and generate billions of views. The number of hours users spend per month watching videos on YouTube grows by 50% each year. Over 400 hours of videos are uploaded to the website every minute. About 60% of views that creators receive come from outside their home country. YouTube is available in 78 countries and 76 languages. Half of the views are generated on mobile devices. The scale of the possibilities is huge, but how is the statistical Kowalski, who runs his own business, to benefit?

YouTube - More than just entertainment

YouTube is about more than just short, funny videos. Those who proudly say today that they have achieved success in e-commerce will surely confirm that it was partly thanks to the YouTube channel. The promotion of the company is not limited to Facebook, Google AdWords or SEO. It's also about reaching customers who spend time on YouTube.

Possibilities offered by promotion on YouTube:

  • publishing your own film materials,

  • buying ads on appearing boxes or other videos,

  • using the services of vloggers, i.e. people who have their own channels and are very popular.

How to start? Just create an account on YouTube. If you already have an account with Google services (e.g. Gmail), you can start using YouTube right away - the portal belongs to Google. Create your Facebook profile, add videos regularly, the more you publish, the more subscribers you will gain, i.e. viewers who follow your channel. It is important to focus on the first 5 seconds of the video in which we attract the viewer's attention. A good advertising video should be relatively short, show the nature of our channel, and finally invite people to subscribe and use social media.

Example: you run an online store, you sell dietary supplements. By choosing your own YouTube channel, you can show the so-called cases, i.e. success stories. These may be conversations with people who started taking dietary supplements, thanks to which they significantly improved their physical condition and health. The message is clear: apart from the seller, you are a teacher and an expert. People start watching you and believe what the message is saying ... because the message is natural. Under the influence of these actions, they express interest in your product and make a purchase.

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Video in content marketing

Publishing on YouTube is betting on content marketing in the form of video. Video materials are among the most popular content on the Internet. Uploading videos to the portal does not mean, however, that it is always well-thought-out video marketing. So what is worth publishing to interest the client?

  • Show the product - do you sell washing machines, household chemicals from Germany, children's clothes, or maybe wedding invitations? Whatever it is, present your product. Thanks to this, you will explain to the recipients how it works and what it is for. Of course, such a video also serves a promotional function. The explanatory film is posted on websites so that the Internet user can see the product or service in action "in action".

  • Or maybe it's time for a guide? - YouTube channel can boost sales thanks to guides. This type of video is often used in training companies.

  • References, i.e. show how others praise you - when it comes to shopping, the decision of a statistical Pole is often based on the opinions of others. Standard references are easy to challenge, video references make a significant difference. Think about it - it can be of special importance if the opinions about your online business are not positive.

Advertising boxes as an alternative to movies

If you do not feel up to creating professional video content on YouTube, bet on advertising boxes displayed to your potential customers. These are ad slots and advertisements that are displayed before or during another person's video. At the beginning, however, it is not worth putting a lot of capital into advertising boxes. If you want to do this, make a trial investment. This will be better considering the fact that most users use ad-blockers. There is also a risk that those who do not use such programs will focus on the video message and not on the advertisements displayed next to the video content.

Bet on video if you're aiming for the top. The best in your industry use this marketing technique, so if you want to join their ranks, join YouTube first.