Issuing a VAT invoice - everything you need to know


Nowadays, issuing a VAT invoice has very little to do with the traditional method of manually completing ready-made forms. The creators of websites for entrepreneurs, especially those who follow the times and are not afraid of new technologies, are competing in creating a web application, which is a free invoicing program. It is worth emphasizing the word free here, because usually the invoicing itself is used free of charge, and only the need to add new functions and tools is associated with costs.

The free invoicing program provides basic tools that facilitate the recording of sales in the form of ordinary VAT invoices. In addition to issuing invoices, you can prepare invoice forms and choose an invoice template (such options in the free package are offered by the system). There are also a number of services available on the market offering customers paid invoicing packages, extending the range of useful functions, including, in addition to the elements of the free package, the following:

  • catalog of goods,
  • contractors directory,
  • sending paper invoices by post,
  • automatic invoices,
  • VAT sales register,
  • no ads,
  • labels and notes,
  • CRM - contacts,
  • CRM - events,
  • CRM - schedule,
  • additional user accounts,
  • service of Slican telephone exchanges,
  • printing multiple invoices at once,
  • printing envelopes,
  • payment forms attached to the invoice,
  • document templates,
  • interest notes,
  • analysis,
  • export to accounting software.

Invoicing programs allow you to issue VAT invoices, corrective invoices, margin invoices, duplicates, proforma invoices as well as advance and final invoices, so each entrepreneur can adapt the application to their own requirements. An undoubted advantage is also the fact that you can prepare invoice forms from any computer with Internet access and hand them over to contractors. You can also download a given invoice from the website, save it in the computer's memory as an invoice in pdf format and send it as an attachment to the customer for information purposes.

The web applications that offer invoicing packages available on the market still lack many solutions that undoubtedly facilitate the work of entrepreneurs. However, what is important, their creators do not rest on their laurels and strive to improve their products by systematically updating their websites and introducing new functions. Even for a novice entrepreneur, issuing a VAT invoice should not be a problem.