Listing auctions on Allegro - is it profitable?

Service Business

Allegro portal is one of the main sales channels used by sellers, especially beginners. This is mainly due to the fact that this is where customers most often look for the products they want to buy. Some people decide to sell both through the portal and their own online store, which is also a good solution, because in this way it opens the way to a wider group of consumers. So don't give up on a channel that brings so many benefits. But what do you need to pay attention to to make listing auctions on Allegro profitable?

Fees you should know about

Appropriate fees are charged for listing auctions, so we have to take into account some costs. Let's start with information important to us that many forget or simply do not know about.The fee for the listed item is charged at the time of issuing the offer, so if changes are made during its duration, it will not be refunded to us. We will pay a maximum of PLN 1 for listing the goods for sale.

Initial value

Listing fee

PLN 1.00–9.99

PLN 0.08

10.00–24.99 PLN

PLN 0.13

25.00–49.99 PLN

PLN 0.25

50.00–249.99 PLN

PLN 0.50

PLN 250 and more

PLN 1.00

But what is the initial value? In the case of an auction and an offer without a minimum price, it is the starting price multiplied by the number of items on display, and if the minimum price is specified, analogically - the minimum price. If we choose Buy It Now, the initial value will be the price we set, multiplied by the number of items.

However, in the case of categories such as real estate or holidays, the fee for listing our offer is fixed and does not depend on the number of offers.


Listing fee

Real estate

  • 3 PLN (house designs)
  • PLN 5 (rooms for rent, garages and parking spaces, ready-made houses without a plot)
  • 20 PLN (other)


  • PLN 15

Listing an auction on Allegro, however, is related not only to the listing fees, but also to many others that we have to pay when we decide, for example, to add a photo to our offer (the first photo - free, each subsequent - 0, PLN 10). Also, highlighting the offer is not a free option and will cost us PLN 12 or 19 - depending on the selected category. There are a lot of such fees, so you need to think about what we care most about and what our financial possibilities are. The sale should not bring more losses than profits.

Listing auctions on Allegro - Buy Now! or an auction

Allegro offers us several sales models, so it gives us the opportunity to choose which we should use wisely. For each seller, a different option will be the best solution, so when determining it, you should be guided primarily by your own capabilities, preferences and benefits that you want to achieve. What does Allegro offer us?

  • Buy now! - customers buy an item for a fixed price you set without bidding. They know from the very beginning how much it will cost.

  • Bidding - neither you nor the users know the final price of the product. The sale, as the name suggests, is about bidding, i.e. raising the current bid. Whoever proposes the largest amount of money is the winner of the auction and buys the product.

  • Bidding + Buy Now! - buyers themselves choose whether they want to buy a product for a given fixed price or by auction.

  • Store - this option is intended only for sellers who also have an Allegro store. In this way, you can post offers that are visible for 30 days or for a longer period. In this case, only the Buy It Now option is available.

What for who Listing auctions on Allegro according to the best strategy

Whether the choice of the Buy Now! Option or the auction is the best solution depends on the circumstances, and therefore it should be preceded by an analysis of the sales situation of a given product on the portal. Bidding undoubtedly pays off best when we list items that are not very popular. The smaller the number of them, the more buyers are willing to pay for them. The starting price may be a symbolic zloty, which is a kind of marketing gimmick that attracts potential customers.

However, when there are more products on the portal, it will be more advantageous to choose the Buy Now! Option. The price plays an important role, and buyers look for a given item in the one that is most advantageous for them. First of all, we need to find out how much the product costs to competitors and propose a lower price, which will make customers choose our offer. However, we should not sell a blouse, book or earrings for less than what we can afford. A good solution is to offer potential customers "something extra", that is to add a small gift or company gadget to the product. The word FREE attracts buyers like a magnet and they are then able to pay more to get something extra.

A well-prepared sales strategy, which has been preceded by an analysis of the market and competition, can bring us very high profits and many benefits. Allegro is a place where cleverness is important, but also common sense. A beginner salesperson often has trouble making the right choice, but that doesn't mean that after a while, he won't be able to work out the best method for him. Listing auctions on Allegro is a fight for a customer, in which even the best and most experienced can recommend.