Payment of wages - in what form?


In the era of virtual money, most people are used to receiving their salaries in a bank account. However, it is worth remembering that the payment of remuneration can take place in various forms, what's more - the transfer is not the basic one.

Payment of remuneration - in cash or by bank transfer?

When an employee comes to a new workplace for the first time, in addition to the contract, he usually signs an additional document - consent to receive remuneration in the form of a money transfer. It seems obvious that influencing the account is safer and more convenient for both the employer and the employee.

However, you should always remember to obtain such a signed document. The basic method of payment of remuneration is still the transfer of cash to the employee's own hands, at least once a month, on a predetermined and fixed day. If the entrepreneur neglects his obligations to complete the formalities and nevertheless transfers the funds to the subordinate's bank account, the employee may not agree to this method of payment. Moreover, if the payment in the correct form is delayed in such a situation, the employee has the right to charge his boss with penalty interest.

Money postal order

An alternative to the above-mentioned methods of payment of wages is to use the services of Poczta Polska and transfer the receivables to the employee by means of money transfer.

However, similar to the situation with a transfer described above, also in this case, the transfer will only be possible if the employee submits such an instruction in writing. The remuneration should be transferred to the address indicated at the disposal, to the employee's own hands or to the spouse or other adult member of the household. If the subordinate does not want the message to be received by anyone but himself, he may also include such instructions in the instruction.

If the post office does not comply with these conditions, the employee will have the right to bring a claim against the employer for incorrectly delivered funds. On the other hand, the employer has the right to make such a recourse against the mail that has failed to fulfill its obligations.


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Payment of wages in kind

All the above-mentioned methods of paying the remuneration concerned the form of money. To some extent, there is an alternative for them in the form of remuneration in kind.

It is possible to issue a salary in kind only if such a procedure has been included in the provisions of labor law or in a collective labor agreement and if it concerns only a part, not all of the remuneration.

If the company's regulations provide for the payment of part of the salary in kind, the employee may agree to a cash equivalent. The provisions of the Labor Code always recognize a payment in cash as more beneficial to the employee than the one granted in kind.

Remuneration transferred to third parties

The employer may transfer his employee's remuneration to third parties. If the subordinate's spouse comes to collect the payment, he or she does not even need to use a power of attorney. However, this is only possible if the employee himself is unable to collect the payment due to the temporary damage and has not objected to the payment of funds to his spouse. Otherwise, the employer will be obliged to refuse payment.

The spouse, as well as other third parties, may also collect remuneration for the employee, if they have a written, signed power of attorney in this matter. The spouse may also receive an employee's wage when he or she has an order for such wages issued by the Family and Juvenile Department. On the other hand, the employer himself cannot decide against the will of his employee to transfer such a payment to his spouse, even if he realizes that a part of the remuneration will be allocated by a subordinate with e.g. an alcohol problem to his addiction.
As you can see, the rules governing the payment of wages are relatively flexible. Thanks to this, the entrepreneur and the employee can decide on the most convenient method for both parties. However, it is worth remembering that when resigning from a cash payment to the employee's own hands, always try to get clear, written documents so as not to expose yourself to additional costs and negative consequences.