Thrill tours: abandoned cities - Poland

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Abandoned cities always have a hint of mystery. Especially when they were lowered in a hurry, they look as if time has just stood still there. Do each of them have some dark stories behind them? Certainly not always, but none of these places can be denied the amazing climate. They often evoke a whole range of emotions in people - from curiosity, through fear, to sadness. You cannot deny one thing about these places - abandoned cities attract! Can you also meet ghost cities in Poland and what story do they tell? Read our article and find out!

The largest abandoned cities - Pstrąże

Pstrąże is located in the Dolnośląskie Province, near Bolesławiec. The first records of this place date back to the 14th century. In 1901 it was completely rebuilt, there were built military barracks, a bridge and stables, which were later transformed into garages. Residents helped the military. During World War II, this place was the place of exercises before going to the war front. In 1945, Pstrążę was taken over by the Soviet army and disappeared from the map ...

Nevertheless, today the abandoned city functioned very well. Schools and shops were opened there, and soldiers lived there with their families. You could say that the town was teeming with life. However, it is worth mentioning that no one knew what was happening behind its walls. The bridge was demolished so that no one could get there. Poles were forbidden to enter there. Trout was deserted in the early 1990s, after the collapse of the USSR. Soviet soldiers and their families actually left the city overnight, but closed their apartments, probably hoping to return for the rest of their belongings. However, the buildings were quickly looted.

Trout is completely abandoned today, and entry to its area is forbidden, however, this does not change the fact that tourists and local residents curious about abandoned walls appear there. This place is overgrown with vegetation so that it is almost invisible and it is difficult to find it.

The most popular abandoned cities - Kłomino

Kłomino is located in the West Pomeranian Voivodeship, and its history is very similar to the one we presented above. Initially, this abandoned city was also occupied by the Germans, it was a Nazi prisoner of war camp. After World War II, the town was taken over by the Soviet army. They demolished many former German buildings because brick was needed to build the Palace of Culture. Kłomino was occupied by Soviet soldiers and their families until 1992, and the reasons for leaving were the same as in the case of Pstrąże.

It is difficult to say why the town was not settled by Poles and today Kłomino has gained the name of a ghost town. The Polish administration wanted the town to continue functioning, and for this reason it offered extremely low prices for blocks, but despite everything, the place did not gain popularity.

The history of Kłomin is tragic, especially taking into account the fact of the POW camps that were located here. Abandoned ruins complete the amazing impression that the town can make on visitors.

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Abandoned holiday towns and districts

In addition to abandoned cities, there are other places in Poland that are definitely worth mentioning. The first is Kozubnik - a holiday town, where in the 1970s numerous holidaymakers from Katowice Hutnicze Przedsiębiorstwo Remontowe or party members came. The resort had a really large area (over 7 ha), prospered and was considered a synonym of luxury.

However, already in the 1980s, the place was getting worse and fewer and fewer holidaymakers came to it, and the new owner, who took over the building after the fall of the Polish People's Republic, led it to a real collapse. There was no money to keep Kozubnik, debts grew, and what was considered a luxury in the 1970s was already obsolete in the 1990s. Holidaymakers chose other places, and the complex was completely deserted.

In 2014, information was released about the planned renovation of the facility. Although the works have been suspended so far, it is assumed that apartments and an aquapark are to be built in Kozubnik by 2018.

It is also worth mentioning Słotnica - a district of Stargard, today abandoned and uninhabited. It was once inhabited by Soviet soldiers and fulfilled exactly the same function as Pstrąże or Kłomino. Its history should come as no surprise - after the collapse of the USSR, Soviet soldiers left the district, which has remained uninhabited until today.

Abandoned cities attract tourists - you can get the impression that time has stopped there, especially if they look like abandoned places in a hurry. The walls contain stories that we would like to know to understand the even more amazing atmosphere you can feel when visiting the ruins. It is worth seeing such places, but remember not to enter the buildings without permission - first of all, let's take care of your safety.

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