Thrill tours: haunted places in Poland (part 2)

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Do abandoned buildings hide secrets that cannot be understood? Who can we meet on our way and are we sure that this person really exists? For centuries, people have been passing on stories where haunted places, phantoms, ghosts and incredible energy reign. Paranormal phenomena have gained a circle of enthusiasts whose curiosity is stronger than fear, and whose anxiety stimulates adrenaline in them. There are many places with notoriety in Poland, and although people do not always talk about them willingly, there are plenty of thrill-seekers. We present the most haunted places in our country!

Haunted places - Old church in Chróścina

There is an abandoned, old church in Chróścina, and a small cemetery right next to it. There are many legends about inexplicable phenomena in this area. The most popular one concerns the owners of a nearby palace and their little son. The couple were buried under the floor of the building, while their son was buried in the nearby cemetery. He died young, probably while playing in the nearby swamps. In the 1990s, the tomb of the palace owners was violated due to the actions of looters, and therefore their bodies were exhumed. Probably since then, you can meet a little boy near the cemetery in the evening. One of the most famous stories says that he was met by a man who later stayed there. He was surprised to see a boy whose outfit was very old-fashioned. When the child asked him where his parents were, everything was happening, it was some kind of joke, but when he replied that he did not know, the boy became very sad and… melted into thin air. The boy spoke to a few people, but he was reportedly seen more than once.

At one time, the palace was used as a nursing home. The mortality rate was surprisingly high, and it was even suspected that the staff had a hand in it. Due to how many people died, the church was used as a storage for dead bodies. For this reason, the place is attributed a strange energy and it is believed that the old church in Chróścina is one of the most haunted places in Poland.

Polish haunted hospitals

As we have already mentioned in the previous parts of the series, hospitals (and in particular psychiatric hospitals) often accumulate a lot of negative emotions, pain, suffering and misunderstanding, which is why haunted places are largely such buildings. Especially when they are abandoned and nobody cares for them for years, they arouse terror and automatically gain a unique atmosphere, even if nothing unusual and paranormal happens.

There were over 1,000 patients in the psychiatric hospital in Owińska in the year of the outbreak of World War II. At that time, the Nazis were carrying out purges of mentally disabled people. So they closed the factory and took the adults to the Oborniki forests, where they were all shot. In turn, the children were gassed at that time. The enormity of these people's pain seems to be sufficient explanation for why the old hospital is considered a haunted place. It is said the patients never really left him. Many people who were in the abandoned place heard the clear children's cry and footsteps.

After the tragic events of 1939, the hospital turned into a training center for its people. In 1952, after a thorough renovation of this place, an educational center was established there, moved to new buildings in the early 1990s. Since then, the building has been empty. Currently, the place is open to the public, so it is definitely worth going there. It has not been abandoned in a hurry, and the rooms are empty, the atmosphere there is described as amazing, although filled with sadness and anxiety.

Since abandoned hospitals are often mistaken for haunted places, it is no wonder that our country is full of places where paranormal seekers have noticed something extraordinary. Much is said, for example, about the abandoned hospital building in Świnoujście, called by the local residents Ruthenian. Many people say that they have heard screeching noises or babies crying there, and have even seen hospital staff and patients! There are stories in which you can hear about the horrific treatment of patients, and even about inhuman experiments carried out on them. Do ghosts really stay in the hospital due to the enormity of tragedy and suffering?

Another hospital worth mentioning is the abandoned psychiatric ward in Gdańsk. It is true that this place is not associated with ghosts, and there is no information about any inexplicable phenomena that took place there, but everyone who visited this building felt extraordinary energy - something on the verge of anxiety and the impression that something bad is in the air . The impression is intensified by the graffiti on the walls - some of the paintings are really scary.

Castles as the most popular haunted places?

The most frequently repeated ghost legends usually speak of castles. White ladies, unusual sounds, ghosts wandering in the corridors - the history of these buildings encapsulates it all. Often, of course, these kinds of stories are simply intended to attract visitors. However, many tourists confirm the presence of unexplained phenomena that accompany their visit.

The castle in Bobolice is certainly worth mentioning. It is said that you can meet a ghost dressed in black there or hear a loud lamentation. Legend has it that it is the wife of one of the owners of the castle. When she was very young, she was forced to marry a count much older than she was. She had three children with him. Soon after their third son was born, the Earl died, and two older sons perished in tragic circumstances. The family of the deceased owner of the castle suspected that it was the woman who led to their deaths, because she could inherit the building. For this reason, they decided to withdraw her rights to the youngest child as soon as possible. It was a huge blow to the mother. Suffering caused a vision to appear in her. She often saw her baby drown. These visions almost drove her insane. The woman finally did not endure this despair and died. Did she stay in the castle to continue mourning her sons?

In Lower Silesia, there is the Czocha castle, which is considered to be one of the most haunted places. There are many stories about the ghosts of this place, but probably the most popular of them tells about the owner of the castle - Joachim von Nostitz - and his wife, Urlice. The war forced Joachim to leave his beloved for a long time. Upon his return, he was surprised by the fact that his wife was pregnant - he had not been in the castle for such a long time that the child could not have been his. Nostitz went berserk when the baby was born, bricked it alive in the fireplace and threw Urlika into a well in the courtyard. To this day, you can visit the room where Joachim walled up his wife's descendant and the well, known as the Well of Unfaithful Wives due to subsequent events. Many people staying at the castle claim that until today you can hear the crying of a small child at night, and see Urlika wandering next to the well.

While many people laugh at paranormal phenomena, there is a group of people who not only believe in them, but also want to get to know and investigate them. Therefore, they are eager to visit places considered haunted to see for themselves whether there is inexplicable energy in them. However, when planning trips to haunted buildings, make sure you can visit them. Although there are plenty of amateurs to visit the ruins, some places can be really dangerous to our life and health.