We choose the name of the company

Service Business

Choosing a company name is a very important step in setting up a business. It will function on invoices, business cards, stamps, as well as in the media. Moreover, although this decision in practice belongs to the entrepreneur, the company must additionally meet certain statutory criteria.

Therefore, it is worth preparing for this decision and carefully considering the name of the company - taking into account both formal criteria and marketing considerations.

Company name - formalities

Without a company name, you can't move - literally. The first step in setting up a business is completing and submitting the CEIDG-1 form to the commune office. There is a position in this form in which the company name should be included.

What is the basic condition that must be met by a business name of a natural person? Well, it must contain the name and surname of the owner. In addition, special attention should be paid to ensuring that the name is not misleading and that it distinguishes new activities from those already operating on the market.

These are really the only hard and fast rules that set the scope in which a new name can be created. However, before the entrepreneur lets his imagination run wild, he should consider whether a very complicated name would be, for example, too problematic. It may turn out that a "strange" name or one that cannot be entered into the computer using the Polish keyboard may be rejected by the CEIDG system. And as you know - it is difficult to argue with the machine.

Company name and marketing

Once the entrepreneur is familiar with the limitations resulting from the regulations and technical possibilities, it is worth considering the marketing value of the company's name.

As already mentioned - the name should not be misleading. Depending on whether the newly established enterprise will deal only with one specific field or will offer more comprehensive services in some scope, the name of the company should be as specific or general as possible. Importantly, it should never significantly deviate from the profile of the presented activity, because such a procedure simply misses the goal of attracting the right customers.

Another issue is the degree of complexity - few over-complicated and long names are remembered. If the branding idea is not stunningly brilliant, the best solution is a simple and short name. Any shortcomings can be made up with an interesting graphic form - maybe not in the CEIDG-1 form, but for example on invoices - probably faster and better in the minds of recipients.

When it comes to the graphic form - when deciding on a name, remember that although it is indeed an extremely important element of the company, there is something else outside of it. The entrepreneur also has various graphics, company logos, slogans and advertising slogans at his disposal - so not only the name serves to advertise and remember the brand. Therefore, it is not worth overdoing it.

Company name chosen once and for all?

When choosing a name for his business, the owner should focus on the profile that is currently valid for the business. If one day the scope of services widens - the name can be modified. What's more, the entrepreneur may also introduce changes without a reason.

The formalities related to the change of name are made using the same form that was used to register the company - CEIDG-1. There are no special restrictions here, apart from the deadlines - the application must be submitted to the office no later than seven days after the implementation of the change.

As you can see, the name of the company is a very important matter - a hit can contribute to marketing success, but at the same time you should remember about the applicable restrictions. On the other hand, the entrepreneur should keep in mind that he can always change the name of the company, so there is no need to spend too much time on it.