Teeth whitening - find out about effective methods!

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Who among us does not dream of a beautiful, white smile? It can be our showcase, besides, lips are often paid attention to. Teeth change their color mainly due to cigarettes, coffee and tea. Many people, however, cannot imagine their lives without a cup of such drinks. Therefore, whitening preparations or treatments are necessary, but they can be very expensive. No wonder that many of us are looking for cheaper alternatives, preferably natural, that can be easily carried out in our own apartment. When using these methods, however, remember that not all of them will work well on the enamel. Is teeth whitening using natural methods safe?

Are natural ways harmful?

Unfortunately, the most popular natural teeth whitening methods can harm them. It has long been believed that rinsing your mouth with a baking soda solution, or even washing your mouth with this type of powder, can whiten your mouth and make it look phenomenal. It's not true! Of course, the teeth will be whiter, but only for a while, and besides, soda can damage our enamel!

Another commonly known method is to use salt, in a similar way to baking soda. Unfortunately, such practices do not bring any results, the only thing that can happen is damage to the enamel and gums.

What about lemon juice? Maybe at least this method is appropriate and we should use it? Unfortunately not. Lemon juice has so much acid in it that we can erode the enamel. In addition, unfortunately, whitening will also be questionable.

Home teeth whitening is not possible?

So, are there no home teeth whitening methods and there's nothing we can do? Fortunately, we have other options and such a shade change is possible!

The first step should be to go to the dentist and get the tartar removed. We will not do this stage on our own, but it is the best start to any action. It is very likely that your teeth will become lighter at this point.

There are plenty of good whitening toothpastes available on the market. It is worth choosing the one that suits you best. You can ask the pharmacist or salesman for advice, he will surely tell you what to buy. However, remember to use it consistently and regularly. Additionally, let's not forget about proper oral care. Dental floss should become our best friend. We can also use a mouthwash that will help whiten your teeth. Here, too, one should remember about consistency and regularity.

There are also whitening overlays, gels and strips available on the market, thanks to which the teeth can become 2 tones brighter. They are not very expensive. However, it is worth reading the leaflet carefully, because specific methods have requirements that we may not meet, e.g. having perfectly straight teeth.

Let's watch out for the advertised specifics - self-whitening of teeth by, for example, 6 tones is almost impossible. Such treatments must be carried out in offices. Let's avoid such fantastic and even magical toothpastes, because they cost a lot, and they will probably do the same with the teeth as the gels or strips mentioned above.

Home teeth whitening is possible, but we must pay attention to the method we adopt. Those that have been passed on for years may be ineffective and may damage your teeth. The most important thing is proper care, thanks to which the effects will be visible!