Climbing - how to start and what is worth remembering?

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Have you watched the climbing movies with delight? Did you admire the people who did it extremely professionally and efficiently? This is how you always wanted to reach mountain peaks? You wanted to try it yourself, but you never had the courage? Remember that it is never too late to develop your passion. If you've told yourself that this is where you want to start - great! What should you know before starting your adventure? What information can a beginner not miss?

Does climbing require great physical condition?

When we see people climbing, we realize that it is an extreme sport that requires a lot of strength and condition. Certainly, this fact may prevent us from taking any steps towards this form of activity, especially if we do not exercise too much on a daily basis. It is worth knowing, however, that it is not entirely the case that only strong and athletic people will be able to cope, because the correct climbing technique is the most important thing. So if your stamina is quite low, don't waste your time. Climbing is not only a sport for people of extraordinary strength who spend every free hour preparing at the gym. All you need is willingness and proper training.

Training makes perfect - climbing

Before you start climbing rocks, you need to practice - for example on a climbing wall. Additionally, jogging, cycling, and swimming can help to get your body used to the effort. Thanks to this you will improve your condition.

Participation in the climbing section will also be useful, after all, if you want to go to the mountains, you have to be really well prepared. Classes with an instructor will certainly make it easier for you. Additionally, you can gain climbing companions, because nothing in common as much as common passions. Lonely hikes at the very beginning of the road are not a good idea - both because of the stress of hitting the rocks for the first time and the simple need for support.

Participation in the section and a climbing course may turn out to be crucial. First, you will make sure that this is the activity for you. In addition, you will learn from professionals what equipment you need, what you need and absolutely should not do, you will learn the technique and all safety rules.


Remember that climbing is dangerous, a fall or improper preparation can result in serious injuries. Never forget the safety rules. They are very important and must not be ignored. Take care of your safety!


Remember that the internet cannot be your only source of knowledge. You'll find plenty of hints in it, but these are just hints. All skills must be passed on to you by the instructor.

Climbing - measure your strength against your intentions

If you are a beginner, you shouldn't choose difficult climbing spots. It's really dangerous and you have to measure your intentions.

You can ask for help in choosing the place of experienced friends or talk to the instructor about it. However, the routes should not be on a difficulty level higher than V, but it's best to start with III. Check the valuation of the chosen path. What exactly is a valuation? It is a route recommendation, a grade given by people who climbed this place for the first time.

Don't overestimate yourself if you're just starting out. Do everything in accordance with your conscience. You have to feel not only adrenaline, but also safety.

Do not go on expeditions alone. Especially if this is your first climb - then the help of an experienced person is invaluable. While you may think you have mastered the basics and technique, you may not think of something that the person is certain to remember.

Remember that climbing is supposed to be an activity for you that will give you joy and satisfaction - if it is, get into it, exercise, take courses, do not get carried away, just become the best. However, if there is more stress and anxiety in your actions, consider whether it is worth making such sacrifices to develop a new passion.

Remember that practice is very important and it will make you a true master. Measure your intentions, gather a good team and go! The world of climbing is open to you.