"Support in start II" for students, graduates and the unemployed

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Polish universities are sometimes referred to as the "master's factory", taking a cynical approach to the professional future provided by the diploma. Indeed, the number of unemployed students and graduates remains worryingly high. Therefore, instead of looking for a job, people with higher education choose an alternative in the form of their own enterprise. This solution is all the more attractive as the government offers financial support in setting up your business.

Initiative "start-up support II"

Support in the form of government programs and EU subsidies is a good idea for starting a business - but quite a lot of people know about it. Thus, co-financing - although limited after all - cannot be counted on by all interested parties. Therefore, students of the last years of higher education and graduates should be interested in the new government program dedicated to them.

The project "First Business - Support in Start" is carried out by Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, commissioned by the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy.

The main goal of the program is not only to reduce unemployment and create new jobs, but also to promote individual entrepreneurship as an alternative employment. The program, intended for students and graduates, should by definition cooperate with universities in our country. The first such actions are already visible - incl. as part of trainings and workshops conducted, for example, at the National Defense University, the Medical Academy in Warsaw or the Academy of Physical Education.

For whom and for what support?

To apply for the Startup Support, two basic conditions must be met. First, you must have the status of a student, graduate or unemployed person. In the case of graduates, all diplomas are taken into account - both undergraduate (1st cycle) and graduate (2nd cycle or uniform) studies.

Secondly, a student or graduate may not perform gainful employment while applying for a loan under the program. Support is provided for starting a business (the so-called basic loan) and for creating a job for the unemployed within an already established company (supplementary loan).

All those who will take advantage of the loan to start a business and those who intend to use it may be covered by free consultancy and / or training. On the other hand, entrepreneurs will be able to apply for a loan to create new jobs for the unemployed.

Applications (together with the simplified business plan of the project) for a loan should be submitted to financial intermediaries operating within a given area of ​​the country, territorially competent for conducting business activity. Financial intermediaries were selected by BGK - there is an appropriate representative in each voivodeship. In Małopolska, therefore, you should apply to the Małopolska Fund of Social Economy, in the Mazowieckie Voivodeship - to Mazowiecki Regionalny Fundusz Pożyczkowy Sp. z o.o., in Świętokrzyskie - to the Regional Development Agency in Starachowice, etc.

Loan and consulting and training support will be granted on the basis of de minimis aid. Applicants are bound by the limits of obtained de minimis aid.

A loan for starting a business

The loan is intended for unemployed persons who do not perform any other gainful work:

  • graduates of schools and universities up to 4 years from the date of graduation or obtaining a professional title;
  • registered unemployed;
  • final year students of higher education (first and second cycle studies, uniform master's studies).

A loan to create a job for the unemployed

The loan is intended for:

  • people who obtained a loan to start a business;
  • entities referred to in the Act on employment promotion and labor market institutions, i.e .:
    • - business entities,
    • - non-public schools,
    • - non-public kindergartens,
  • natural persons, legal persons or organizational units without legal personality employing at least one full-time employee during the last 6 months each month,
  • nurseries or children's clubs.

The loan also applies to situations when we want to create a job for an unemployed person referred from a labor office.

Free consultancy and training for borrowers

Advisory services concern, among others

  • setting up a business;
  • forms of business taxation;
  • bookkeeping;
  • and for loan applicants - the rules for applying for support.

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Numbers and percentages ...

Support in the start-up does not constitute a subsidy - under this program, students and graduates will receive a loan from the state, the amount of which they are obliged to return. Therefore, it is worth finding out how much and at what cost a young entrepreneur can get.

  • The basic loan, intended for setting up a business, is a maximum of PLN 90 333.80 - the unit value of the loan cannot exceed 20 times the average salary.
  • A loan for creating a job is a maximum of PLN 27,100.14 - the unit value of the loan may not exceed 6 times the average monthly salary.

The young entrepreneur will have seven years to repay the loan for setting up a business, but it is also possible to obtain a grace period (i.e. suspension of repayment of installments) for a period of one year. The interest rate on such a loan is 0.25 of the NBP bills rediscount rate (currently - 0.44% per annum). On the other hand, the value of the loan itself is paid to the entrepreneur in accordance with an individual schedule that has been established and approved by the financial intermediary.

The entrepreneur has 3 years to repay the loan to create a job. The interest rate is the same as for a business start-up loan.

The settlement is made on the basis of invoices that document the expenses incurred to create a workplace.

In the case of a supplementary loan, it is extremely important to be able to cancel its repayment if certain conditions are met. If a person appointed by the Poviat Labor Office was employed at the created position and the position was maintained for at least one year, with the current repayments being made on time, the borrower may apply for the redemption of the remaining capital.

As it can be assumed, "Support at the start" has certain features that give it a significant advantage over traditional investment loans. First of all, the costs that a young entrepreneur must incur are significantly lower - in this case, in addition to the repayment of capital installments, only interest is regulated in the previously indicated amount. The interest rate is lower than for products offered by banks, and there is no burden in the form of a bank margin.

Moreover, bank loans are often unavailable to potential entrepreneurs who would like to start a small business. The required creditworthiness and collateral are often beyond the limits of students and graduates, thus becoming an obstacle to raising capital. In "Startup support", the basic security is a promissory note of the borrower and a surety of a natural person, although in individual cases a different type of security may also be used.