Virtual reality enables gender reassignment?

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There is still a long way to learn foreign languages ​​or any martial art in seconds straight from the cult movie The Matrix. Today, however, virtual reality seems closer to humans than ever before. The first virtual helmets, released in the early 1990s, were not as revolutionary as originally assumed by the creators. To this day, 3D technology transmitted through glasses has to deal with a similar problem. The obstacle is not innovation, but the convenience of taking advantage of new opportunities. Both the aforementioned helmets and the 3D glasses are tiring for the eyesight in the long run. After just 30 minutes, virtual helmets could lead to a headache or watery eyes, and currently going to a 3D screening lasting two hours in the cinema seems to be the optimal time to enjoy the benefits of the technology offered.

Virtual reality and augmented reality

The term "virtual reality" is often confused with augmented reality. The second one allows users to enjoy additional experiences, which consist of various graphic and lighting effects. Our eyesight is "deceived" by appropriately constructed lenses, which give the illusion of a three-dimensional image. By participating in the projection, we have control over it all the time and we know that the displayed message is to strengthen the sense of satisfaction and fun in connection with the contact with 3D technology. The case is different on the example of the already mentioned movie The Matrix. Entering a completely unknown world and - what goes with it - the almost unlimited possibilities of changing the environment around us - are still beyond our reach.

Virtual reality enables gender reassignment?

Subsequent projects related to virtual reality only confirm the belief that soon our senses will enter a previously unknown dimension. The proof can be a specially designed device called The Machine To Be Another. It was created for people who would like to get into someone else's skin for a moment, or even change their gender. All thanks to a program called Gender Swap. How does it work and is it really possible to change sex?

Of course, only virtually. The two people required to perform the test must be of the opposite sex. The Machine To Be Another device consists of two VR Oculus Rift helmets, as well as two cameras. After connecting to a computer, the image seen by a woman and a man is exchanged - for example, a woman sees images of a man and vice versa. The candidates' movements are then synchronized, making it possible to trick the mind into the illusion of being a different person. The device is currently in the testing phase, which is also associated with advanced work on the Oculus Rift helmet. It is possible, however, that the product will settle on the market in the coming months - will it have wider applications? It is very possible, but at present it is more of a technological curiosity than a product that is widely used by customers.