Virtual Job Exchange - Networking Week 2021


Virtual Job Exchange - Networking Week

Practical professional skills that can be acquired during the stages are highly appreciated by employers during job interviews. The Academic Career Office of the University of Szczecin, meeting the current expectations of the labor market, once again invites you to the Virtual Job Exchange, which will take place between 15 and 19 November 2021.

Reach for more thanks to the Virtual Job Exchange

Quoting George "and Herbert" Don't wait. Time will never be right. Start where you stand and work with whatever tools you have at your disposal. You will find a better tool along the way. "The US Academic Careers Office will help you find them already during the studies During the 5-day Virtual Job Fair:

  • you will meet employers and talk to company representatives
  • you will meet with a career advisor who will help you discover your potential and consult your application documents,
  • you will arrange preliminary interviews with a potential employer - report by October 25, 2021, or meetings with experts,
  • you will take part in online trainings and workshops that will be conducted by practitioners - you will learn about the current situation on the labor market thanks to the experts' debate,
  • you will listen to many inspiring webinars.

More about the Virtual Job Exchange

All detailed information is available on the website dedicated to the Virtual Job Exchange,

The webinars and the debate will be broadcast live, according to the schedule on the website, at the Facebook event Virtual Job Exchange - Networking Week.