Weekend in Cagliari - is it worth spending a few days in the capital of Sardinia?

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The history of the capital of Sardinia dates back to the Phoenicians. Ancient Karalis, or "city on the rock", surrounded by wonderful lagoons is the perfect place for weekend relaxation, combined with learning about the history of Cagliari.

Cagliari - not to be missed

We can plan a weekend in the Sardinian capital quite flexibly. The city is so small that a few days is enough to visit the most important places.

Conquering Casteddu (Cagliari in Sardo) can be organized in several ways. The crown of the city, the Castello district, must be visited both during the day and at night. How the nature of the streets and their rhythm change with the time of day is amazing. While walking through the narrow streets of the castle district of Cagliari, a must-see is the bastion of Saint Remy in neoclassical style, from which there is a beautiful panorama of the city, lagoons and mountains, including the Devil's Saddle (Sella del Diavolo). You can get to the bastion on foot or by the city elevator. If we want to be even closer to the sky, near the bastion there is the 14th-century Elephant Tower (Torre dell'Elefante), to the top of which we can go for 2 euros. The cathedral of Santa Maria is also worth visiting.

You can continue your walk up the steep Cagliari as you go down to the ruins of a 2nd-century Roman amphitheater carved in the rock. Nearby, in the same district of Stampace, there is a picturesque botanical garden where we can rest in the shade of tree branches.

Another point on the capital's map is the obligatory Via Roma, the main street in the former fishing district of Marina. In the vicinity of the Roman street, you will find a cafe and souvenir shops at every turn. On Via Roma, there are 18th-century palaces with beautiful porticoes.

For a moment of oblivion, it is worth visiting the Monte Urpino Park. A beautiful place where peace reigns and proud peacocks stroll. The park is on a hill. By going to the very top, we will feel as if we are touching the sky. We will see a wonderful 360-degree panorama. When visiting Monte Urpino between May and July, we will probably see hundreds of small points in the water. Yes, they are flamingos! To see them up close, go to the beach.

The beach at Cagliari is not one of the most beautiful in Sardinia, but it is still the Mediterranean Sea. Poetto, as this is the name of a 15-kilometer long beach, runs through several villages. Following the flamingos, it is best to take a few stops to the village of Quartu Sant "Elena. There, on one side you will find a less populous beach, and on the other side a corner of pink birds.

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Cagliari for foodies

The people of Sardinia used to fight for their autonomy. When walking around Cagliari, you can often find inscriptions Sardegna non è Italia (Sardinia is not Italy) on the walls. Kitchen connotations with sunny Italy are inevitable, although the island has its own specialties.

The first point on the weekend gourmet map should be the traditional fish market. Mercato di San Benedetto (Via Francesco Cocco Ortu 50) has been operating in Cagliari since the 1950s, serving fresh products every day. On the first floor we find fish and seafood. The higher tier is the kingdom of vegetables, fruit and delicious cheeses. The most famous Sardinian delicacy is pecorino sardo, a sheep's cheese otherwise known as the flower of Sardinia. At Mercato, you shouldn't overlook the rustic mozzarella di buffala, a popular buffalo milk cheese. It's best to visit Mercato San Benedetto before 1 p.m.

Near the famous market there is a small, nameless shop, which is worth visiting after the local wine production. At the corner of Leonardo Da Vinci Street, we will be greeted by a smiling saleswoman. You can start your day with the more expensive, bottled Bagasserei (EUR 17), which is the owners' proprietary product, or opt for a traditional sfuso vino, which is sold in plastic bottles (approx. EUR 2.50 / liter). In the San Benedetto district, we are able to stock up on the necessary supplies of wine, cheese and other delicacies.

In Cagliari, however, as befits Italy, it is impossible to forget about ice cream and pizza. The best pizza from an old wood-fired oven can be found on Via Lanusei 59. Pizzeria 7 Nani (seven gnomes) does not attract passers-by with its appearance. When planning an exquisite dinner for two, it is better to consider another place. At 7 Nani, we will receive a pizza in a cardboard box and a package of plastic cutlery. There are also two tables where you can sit down and eat the best pizza in your life, especially if it is a traditional sard made of sheep's cheese and Sardinian dried sausage.

For the aforementioned romantic dinners or simply a more elegant evening for two, it's best to go to the city center. The small streets around Piazza Yenne are a place where we can find thousands of restaurants. In order to eat well and not waste your weekend time searching, it is best to go to the restaurant 4 Mori (four Moors - their heads are on the flag of Sardinia) or the legendary L'Oca Bianka - advance booking is required.

For dessert, of course, ice cream. This theme divides the people of Cagliari. Some people always prefer Bobocono, others Fresco Voglia. It's best to try it yourself! Bobocono wins with its location - it's right on the Poetto beach, so it's a great stop for sunbathing. The Voglia fresca is in a less picturesque location, but the gelati are phenomenal!

Cagliari is a fantastic place even for a short weekend getaway. The weather is guaranteed from April to October. To fully discover the capital of Sardinia, remember both the swimwear and comfortable shoes.

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