Autumn holidays - where is it worth going?

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All co-workers after their holidays? They came back refreshed and tanned, and you sadly waited for your turn? Do you think that since your rest starts in October or at the end of September, the only place you can spend it is to live? Nothing could be more wrong. Autumn vacations have many advantages and they absolutely do not exclude interesting excursions. Where to go this time of year?

Autumn holidays have advantages?

Autumn holidays are perfect for people who value peace and are not too fond of crowds. In September or October, the resorts are almost empty and there are really few vacationers. As a result, we will not have a problem finding a suitable accommodation, even if we decide to leave quite late or even completely spontaneously. Often, going out of season is also associated with a lower price of trips.

To sum up, peace, quiet, dream places and saving money - doesn't that sound like a dream vacation? In addition, in autumn it is much easier to get a vacation on a date that suits us best. Most of the employees have already returned to work and nothing prevents them from planning their holidays.

Fall Holidays: Crete

Crete is the perfect place for an autumn holiday. Average temperatures in September and October are around 25 degrees Celsius. So you can lie down on the beach and rest in the sun, and walks and active recreation are not tiring.

Crete is the largest island of Greece. The climate is favorable for sunbathing until October. In addition to the coasts that delight with their beauty, here we can find mountains, lakes and wonderful monuments. Thanks to this, not only people who primarily want to rest, but also lovers of monuments, history and breathtaking landscapes will feel great here.

Probably most of us know the scenes from the movie Heavenly Beach. Who wouldn't want to see a similar place live? Crete makes it possible! Outside the holiday season, it is worth visiting the Balos Lagoon, which delights with its beauty. The very clear water has an unusual turquoise color and the sand around it is white. The view is breathtaking. Tourists often describe this place as paradise. No words can convey the wonderful landscape, so everyone who plans a vacation in Crete should definitely visit the lagoon.

It is also worth seeing the capital of this island - the city of Heraklion - where, among others, numerous museums (such as the Museum of Icons or the Archaeological Museum). The medieval fortress and city walls are also open to the public. A few kilometers from the city is the palace of Knossos, which according to Greek mythology was to belong to King Minos. There are many myths connected with this place, for example, under the palace there should be the famous labyrinth for the Minotaur. The palace was huge, with over a thousand rooms and 5 floors. Currently, tourists can visit the reconstruction of the place from the time when it was the most impressive.

Fall Holidays: Madeira

Madeira is called the land of eternal spring due to its climate. The pleasantly warm and green island attracts tourists at any time of the year. It is a place where, like in Crete in autumn, thanks to the temperatures, we can relax on the beach as well as visit it without any problems.

Madeira is known for its interesting and very unusual attractions. You can slide down the sled from Monte hill. It would be nothing unusual, if not for the fact that the descent takes place ... on the asphalt. The ride is really extreme and the speed is dizzying. Driving an unusual vehicle is not afraid of bends or people crossing the street. Emotions are guaranteed.

If this is not enough for us, it is worth going to the Capo Girao viewpoint, located on a large cliff. A fragment of the point's floor is made of glass. As disturbing as the sight can be, the feelings are beyond words. You get the impression that you are floating in the air, right above the water that hits the rocks.

Mountain hiking enthusiasts will also feel great in Madeira, because a gentle route leads to the highest mountain of this island, also available for amateurs. If we do not want to go on foot, we can as well go there by car and admire the amazing nature of Madeira from the inside of the vehicle.

Fall Holidays: Maldives

The Maldives is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. Although theoretically in September and October there is still a rainy season in the Maldives, tourists returning from holidays say that this does not mean continuous rainfall. The landscape is truly heavenly, rich in turquoise lagoons and white beaches, and the climate is perfect for everyone who dreams of holidays in warm countries.

The Maldives is a great place for lovers of sunbathing, relaxing by the water and diving. Crystal clear water gives you an amazing experience. In addition, the resorts make sure that tourists can spend their holiday time in the most interesting way possible. The Maldives is not a modern, modern country and most of the islands are uninhabited. Thanks to this, you can break away from the rush of everyday life and really relax.

If your vacation this year is in the fall - don't worry. You will find tons of wonderful places where you will have a great time. A vacation in September or October can become an ideal vacation!