Establishing vacation plans for 2015


It is not obligatory to establish vacation plans in many companies, but creating a vacation schedule can greatly facilitate the organization of work during the vacation period and more. What are the benefits for the employer of establishing the right vacation plan?

Determining vacation plans - who does this obligation apply to?

Pursuant to the provisions of the labor law, establishing vacation plans applies to employers with trade unions that have not agreed to withdraw from establishing a vacation schedule. When drawing up a vacation plan, the employer should take into account employees 'leave requests, if the proposed by them dates for taking the leave will not interfere with the proper workflow, but the employer is not bound by the employees' requests. The employer should also remember about the obligation to treat employees equally as regards the granting of leaves.

Establishing vacation plans

The vacation plan should be drawn up before the commencement of the period it concerns. There is also no need to draw up one plan for the entire year, so the employer can prepare periodic vacation plans. Leave on demand cannot be included in the leave plan, as the employee decides when this leave is taken. The vacation plan must contain all types of leave - overdue, current and supplementary. However, you should plan a minimum 2-week vacation at least once, i.e. the part of the vacation that covers at least 14 consecutive calendar days. The leave plan should also take into account the leaves of employees returning to work during the year, e.g. after parental leave or unpaid leave.

Advantages of establishing a vacation plan

Establishing vacation plans enables employees to take their vacation leave at pre-planned times. In large workplaces, a vacation plan makes it easier to allocate work during the holiday season. The employee can plan his vacation in advance, without fear that it will interfere with the workflow.

An employee who wants to take the vacation leave in accordance with the agreed plan should, as a rule, submit a vacation application. However, it is safest for the employer to regulate this issue in internal regulations, e.g. in the work regulations.