Team building - what characters should be present in the company?

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Creating a team can take a long time for a manager. How to find committed, well-coordinated people willing to spend time in their company? Yes, it is a difficult but doable task. The person working on creating a team must be aware that there should be different characters in it. Putting together a few cholerics with leadership inclinations will not end well, but a group consisting of only introverts will not come to any agreement.

Recruiters emphasize many times that many activities can be learned, but we will not change character traits. Depending on the position, industry or even the size of the organization, different employee characteristics will be needed. Keep in mind that sometimes social skills can prove to be more useful than professional knowledge.

The characters in the team should complement each other, thus maintaining a balance. Find out how to create a team, which characters should be in your company!

An optimist will build morale

We could list the advantages of optimists endlessly, but we will focus on the most important ones. In times of crisis, they will not succumb to negative emotions and will cheer up the team. Their task is to spread positive energy throughout the office. Co-workers pick up positive energy very quickly so that everyone can focus on productive work. Therefore, it is certainly worth considering such people when creating a team.

An initiator who never runs out of ideas

The initiator can be seen in the group very quickly - the person who finishes work first and finds himself the next task as soon as possible. Her ideas never end - and most importantly - they are really good. The initiator is self-confident and is not afraid to take risks, which is why it is such a valuable asset for any company.

A man with passion

Passionates are beloved employees of every employer. It is they who devote themselves to their duties immeasurably, devoting their whole hearts to carrying them out. For them, work is not just a way of earning a living. Such people are more and more difficult to find on the labor market, if it is successful - the company has just acquired a loyal and long-term employee.

Creative soul

Creative people get bored quickly and tend to jump between projects. However, their ingenuity is irreplaceable. They can find a solution to any problem, and their thinking is non-standard and innovative. It is to them that companies owe their greatest successes.

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Every group needs a leader

The leader, like the initiator, very quickly becomes visible against the background of the group. Natural leaders are a real treasure for the company - the team listens to them, agrees to its division of responsibilities and agrees with its work organization. As the business grows, leaders will be needed to manage smaller groups of employees.


Flawlessly finds conflicts in the group and skillfully resolves them. Most often, he shows a great sense of humor, which is often saved by crisis situations. He is composed, objective and impartial, which is why the negotiator most often comes into contact with the client. He himself is a conflict-free person looking for compromises.

Someone to plan everything

The group also needs a well-organized person who will write an action plan and plan its next stages. Such employees make it easier for other people to understand complex concepts and plans, and thanks to this, the company achieves intended results faster.


Especially appreciated in small companies where many tasks must be dealt with by one team. Skillful people who are not afraid to take on more work and who are willing to face challenges. Such people are usually needed in the event of leaving work or holidays.

The variety of characters, competences and experience of employees can be the key to the company's success. Building a team of employees is not an easy matter, but it is worth spending time on it and during the job interview, get to know the candidate also from the private side.