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Today, you no longer need a floor in an office building, tightly filled with workstations, to successfully carry out tasks and develop your business. Reality is shrinking to the size of smartphones and tablets. If companies want to be competitive, they must follow the digital lead.

From the report prepared by the Millward Brown SMG / KRC Research Institute entitled "The habits of Poles related to the use of smartphones and tablets" show that the country is dynamically growing in supporters of mobile devices. Reason? It is an opportunity to quickly and effectively obtain information on companies, products and services. This, in turn, is a tip for entrepreneurs - a mobile society needs mobile solutions, which is why companies should meet these expectations, at the same time giving themselves the opportunity to manage a company at a distance.

Mobility, or ... efficiency?

When talking about an opportunity, companies should take a closer look at the benefits they can count on through the use of mobile solutions. The study of foreign entrepreneurs and employees carried out by Vanson Bourne shows that mobility allows, above all, to achieve greater productivity, make work more flexible, and gives the opportunity to spend more time with customers, and thus - faster response to their needs. Mobile solutions are also an opportunity to maintain a balance between work and private life and increase professional satisfaction.

Polish entrepreneurs have a slightly different hierarchy of advantages. The greatest benefit of mobile solutions for them is greater flexibility of work. Then, according to the PMR Research study, they focus on increased productivity, the possibility of devoting more time to customers, increasing professional satisfaction and no need to work at certain hours. A mobile company is also a chance to save time for commuting.

Reality 2.0 away from your desk

The above-mentioned research results prove a new approach of entrepreneurs to business, prove that managing a company does not have to be synonymous with working from behind a desk. As a result of new trends related to the process called by some "mobilization" (implementation of mobile solutions in the company's operations), today smartphones and tablets are becoming not only a prospective tool for communication with customers and business partners, but also a tool supporting running a company. The dynamic development of the mobile business solutions market is confirmed by Strategy Analytics data, according to which at the end of 2012 its value reached approximately USD 26 billion, and by 2017 it is to double. The projected increase in the popularity of mobile business tools, according to specialists, mainly results from the growing scale of benefits that these tools bring.

In the coming years, the scale of tasks that can be carried out from the level of smartphones or tablets will gradually increase - from supporting the document flow process, the world of mobile solutions for companies is to reach the functionality of the largest management support systems. Already today, systems are available on the market that fit into the digital reality and combine the challenges of the 21st century (technological progress) with the highest standards of business management. They include, among others ERP 2.0 solutions created by Comarch, which not only make companies mobile enterprises, but also support online sales, provide accounting services, provide access to a modern analytical platform, enable relationship management and data backup.

Profits from many sides

Companies can also be encouraged to "shrink" to the size of a smartphone by the conclusions of the Global Mobile Workforce report, which show that the implementation of mobile solutions and giving employees some freedom (the ability to remotely perform their duties) means that they devote more time to their work than usual , increasing the productivity of specific tasks. On the other hand, mobile solutions are benefits for customers who have access to the necessary data about the company at any place and at any time, can make purchases, control the status of order fulfillment, make payments, communicate with the company's service. It is a way of generating customer satisfaction, the simple consequence of which are lasting relationships and greater profits for the company.