Scheduler - a simple time management tool

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Do you sometimes forget an important meeting or arrange a second one when you already have it taken? Are your head bursting with too many deadlines and important dates? Use a planner or other time management tools to help you organize everything.

Do you remember the carefree childhood years, when you had to remember few things, and your parents reminded you of the more important ones? Adult life is not so idyllic in this respect. As we take life into our own hands, more and more responsibilities and related deadlines bother us. If you want to organize them and never be late with anything, you should start using time management tools.


An ordinary book planner, in which you can plan every day by the hour, is the perfect solution when it comes to comprehensive time management. Try to plan meetings, important duties, shopping or even time spent in the gym there. The fewer deadlines you have in mind, the better for your body. It is convenient to use one schedule and supplement it regularly. Over time, this habit will become a part of the blood, and thanks to this, we will reduce delays in the implementation of tasks. The advantage of this tool is the possibility of physical contact with the schedule and the fact that we can use it practically always. Under certain conditions, the lack of mobility is also a disadvantage of the scheduler. If we add to it its large dimensions and the need to take it with you anywhere, it is not always a convenient option. The problem may also be a situation in which we lose it (no copy), or when we will have to make some changes to the date already saved, which may look unsightly.

MS Outlook

If you use Microsoft Mail, you can also use a simple calendar. You can schedule meetings and set reminders, invite people from your contact list or take notes. A simple tool that will always remind you of the scheduled dates and give you the possibility to easily edit them and possibly move them. The grid of events can be divided daily, weekly or monthly - various views are useful for planning events comprehensively. The disadvantages of this solution are the lack of physical contact with the tool and the need to access a computer (or telephone), and it is possible in any situation.

Google application

Another tool that works in a similar way is Google Calendar, which has the same advantages and disadvantages as Outlook. The services of the Google tycoon have dominated our everyday life - a web search engine, e-mail, navigation, as well as a mobile time management application are already commonplace. So let's see them and see how much they can help us.


Having a Facebook profile can also help us manage our time in some ways. Creating events on this site and being able to invite friends to them can help ease the burden of remembering specific dates. In the case of work time planning or shopping, Facebook will not be as helpful anymore.

Other solutions

In time management, a few less known applications also help us, knowing which can make our lives easier. One of them is Evernote - a program that allows you to save not only a list of tasks and events, but also make appropriate notes and write down your ideas. We can install this program on a mobile phone or use it via a computer. Its advantages include creating reminders for tasks, recording notes, taking photos and scans and their subsequent editing or the ability to share data with other users.

Wunderlist is a similar, but a bit more complex program, which additionally allows you to create lists of tasks and advanced projects. Thanks to this application, we can create and edit a joint checklist with other project participants on several levels.

What choice should I make?

When asked which time management tool will be the most appropriate for us, we have to answer it ourselves. When choosing, we should take into account our needs, the number and degree of advancement of events and projects, and how often we need access to it. It depends on us whether we like electronic gadgets that give us greater mobility and convenience, or a traditional book form, and thus manually writing down our duties in a book calendar. Anything that will allow us to organize our time in a pleasant way and systematize work will be a good solution.