Now also leasing with a guarantee

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Polish entrepreneurs liked the idea of ​​loans secured with a de minimis guarantee - during the year (from March 2013 to March 2014), 45 thousand people used this financial product. companies. Initially, BGK secured only working capital loans, but the great popularity of this project meant that the guarantee was also extended to investment loans. The aim of such action was to encourage entrepreneurs to dynamically develop their activities. Leasing companies also saw an opportunity in this area, which decided to indicate another possible way of financing the investment - the so-called leasing with surety.

What is leasing with a surety?

Leasing with a surety is based on similar principles as a loan with a guarantee. It is intended primarily for companies that have recently been on the market, need to finance the purchase of necessary machinery, equipment or means of transport, and are looking for an alternative to a loan (often unavailable due to a too short credit history or lack of adequate collateral). The difference is that in this case the guarantor is not Bank Gospodarstwa Krajowego, but one of the surety funds (with which the lessor signed the contract).

Leasing companies treat such a surety as a very liquid security, not requiring the entrepreneur to provide any additional guarantees for the repayment of liabilities, such as a registered pledge, mortgage, transfer of title.

The procedure for applying for a lease agreement is very simple. It is enough for the entrepreneur to submit a short application for surety together with the leasing application. If the leasing company issues a positive opinion, then it submits the documents to one of the surety funds, which assesses the application in terms of surety risk and, on this basis, issues a decision on granting (or not) the surety. If it is positive, it reaches the entrepreneur's attention. The signing of the lease agreement and the surety often takes place at the same time at the lessor's premises.

In Poland, leasing with a surety is a very young product - the first such offers appeared last spring and initially covered only the area of ​​the Mazowieckie Voivodeship. Pekao Leasing was a precursor of such a solution, and Millennium Leasing is now following in its footsteps.

What are the benefits for the lessee?

What does the lessee gain from such a solution? First of all, the requirements for the entrepreneur's own contribution are lowered, thanks to which there are more funds in his pocket that can be spent on current activities. In addition, leasing with a surety is an opportunity for companies that would otherwise not be able to count on a positive opinion of the lessor - whether due to the above-mentioned reasons or because of the non-standard nature of the investment. Most of the leasing companies willingly finance traditional investments - such as the purchase of means of transport - resigning from offering more specialized machines and devices, the secondary market of which is very limited.