Win-lose negotiation techniques related to making small concessions

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Positional negotiations take place in a strictly defined pattern. At the beginning, the initial proposals of both sides are presented, and then further concessions to which the partners can agree are presented. A contract is created by mutually adjusting to each other. Sometimes, however, the balance can be disturbed. This happens when one of the negotiators makes a small request and the other agrees to it. One trader gets a little more. Win-lose negotiation techniques related to minor concessions are dangerous because we unknowingly agree to modifications to the terms of the contract, which will not be beneficial for us.

Win-lose negotiation techniques: salami (nibbling)

Multi-stage negotiations are exhausting. Imagine that after a few days of intense talks, you finally managed to come up with an attractive solution. And suddenly your partner asks if you can make a small concession that you won't feel at all. Will you agree? Your opponent uses the win-lose salami negotiation technique and plucks you!

Example 1.

- I am glad that we finally managed to reach an agreement. I think our cooperation will be very successful. The state is indeed specialists in its field. Since we are already in such a close relationship, maybe in the contract we would reduce the delivery price by PLN 2 to a round amount? Thanks to this, it will be easier for you and us to issue and book invoices.

In the example above, the negotiator used the salami tactic very skillfully. At the beginning, he expressed his joy with the solution developed, then he paid gentle compliments to the partner, and then pointed to the existence of a good relationship between entrepreneurs. It was all just a long introduction to persuade the other side to make a small concession. The prospect of long-term cooperation and a friendly atmosphere of conversation may make the partner unknowingly agree to the next proposal.

Be alert to small concessions. Fight the urge to agree to them. A decisive and cultured reply to the negotiator that all conditions are already agreed and there can be no question of changing the contract. If you still have the strength to resume talks, offer your partner to renegotiate the contract. If he expects a concession to you, you too can find an arrangement in the contract that might be more favorable to you.


Don't fall for the tactics used by the pickers! Use win - win techniques: agenda, balancing on the scale or correcting documents.

Win-lose negotiation techniques: the simple solution

At school, children learn to round numbers in order to make memory calculations faster and to estimate the value of purchases in the store. Keep in mind that approximating prices and performing mathematical operations on them will never give us the right result. To get the true value, you need to do the calculations using a calculator.

Negotiators use approximations when they want to influence their partner by persuading him to make another concession. The simple win-lose technique used is rounding the value up or down in favor of the proposing party. People like simplifications because it makes it easier for them to find out about the matter. However, approximations in negotiations can cause us big losses.

Example 2.

The final contract was to amount to 102 thousand. zloty. The principal, however, decided to manipulate his partner at the end of the negotiations, summarizing the entire meeting:

- Doing business with the state is pure pleasure. I am glad that you will carry out this project for us. We will spend the 100,000 well. zloty.

The client wanted an additional benefit. If the other party did not notice the skillful rounding of the contract amount, it would lose $ 2,000. PLN, which may have been allocated to the purchase of additional insurance or employment of a qualified specialist who had a large impact on the quality of the entire project.

Pay attention to whether the amount operated by the other party is the same down to a penny as the value negotiated in the contract. Do not allow deceptive rounding that could lead to further concessions.


Protect yourself from the win-lose negotiation technique with a simple solution by using the following tactics: be patient, say no, and Columbo.