Team briefing - an antidote to faulty communication

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The company consists of people with different skills and levels of knowledge. They work on their tasks, which ultimately serve the overall activities of the enterprise anyway. Sometimes, on a given project, the effective work of all team members is needed. In both cases, employees should know how their work is perceived and how it affects the overall image of the company. It is also important that they are motivated to take further actions and informed about upcoming changes. Team briefing can help managers and supervisors meet all of these requirements.

What is team briefing?

Although managers communicate with their employees on a daily basis, it is worth organizing an additional meeting specifically designed to inform their teams about what concerns them, about recent changes in the company and the group's future goals. This meeting is known as team briefing. During it, the manager talks briefly about topics related to the entire company - planned layoffs, raises or new contracts. Then, it presents the progress of the team's work, as well as discusses recent achievements and mistakes. In addition, it raises organizational issues, such as the division of special tasks or the matter of meeting the deadlines for completing certain projects.

Team briefing - what to do to make it successful?

However, not every form of meeting between management and employees can be called a team briefing. To talk about this type of gathering, and to conduct it efficiently and for the benefit of all, follow these rules:

  • The person chairing the meeting must have a managerial or, at least, managerial position. Thanks to this, the team will obtain information from the best sources.
  • The meeting time cannot exceed 30 minutes. It has an informative function, so you should not focus on solving any problems or any other type of help.
  • Meetings should take place on a regular basis, e.g. once a month on a predetermined date, time and place.
  • Small meeting groups should be assembled. They can count from 4 to 15 people. It is best if they share a common topic, e.g. working on the same project.
  • Information should always be provided to employees in a personal and personalized manner. A manager or supervisor cannot limit himself to simply reading the message.
  • The manager should try to ensure that the atmosphere of the meeting suits most people, and that it encourages them to ask questions or express any doubts. To avoid the latter, he should regularly check that the information provided is understandable by all.
  • A manager has to provide information to his subordinates only in a specific way. Therefore, only topics related to matters that concern the participants of the meeting should be presented.
  • Team briefing must be monitored regularly by managers and managers. The latter should also come to employees individually and check that they are well informed.

Team briefing - advantages

A well-run team briefing - regularly, not too long, to the point and with a serious approach to the matter - can bring many benefits for the company.

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They include:

  • Developing a feeling of dedication and attachment to the company in employees. Subordinates aware of their contribution to the overall activities of the company will work more effectively.
  • Limitation of misunderstandings. Knowing the priorities, management decisions and deadlines for project completion may reduce the number of formal and interpretative quarrels, as well as contribute to team problem-solving.
  • Preventing rumors from forming and spreading. Well-informed employees will not want to guess about layoffs, raises or other changes planned in the company.
  • Strengthening the role of a manager or manager in a given team.
  • Increasing employee involvement in the tasks performed.A well-informed person feels an important part of the company, and this may translate into the effectiveness of their work.

Team briefing is an easy and accessible method of internal communication for all companies. Its proper implementation and management can sometimes be a laborious process for managers. However, it should be remembered that regular and specific informing of subordinates will certainly significantly improve the quality and efficiency of the work of the entire team.