Job Fair of Białystok University of Technology 2021


The Job Fair of the Białystok University of Technology will be held on October 12-13, 2021 at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering of the Białystok University of Technology.

This year's Job Fair is the largest event of this type bringing together employers in the region. 50 exhibitors will take part in them. As part of the event on October 12, between 10.00 and 15.00, you will be able to talk to representatives of many different industries. The exhibitors include modern manufacturing, construction, IT-related companies and the broadly understood field of new technologies. They are often industry leaders, companies with a global reach, introducing innovative solutions and looking for qualified employees.

The fair is aimed at jobseekers who want to get to know the largest employers in the region. Many offers are aimed at students and graduates of technical universities, but humanists will also find something for themselves. The event is a great opportunity to get to know the specificity of companies, see available job offers, talk to representatives of employers and ask, for example, about employment conditions.



On the second day of the Fair, i.e. October 13, training sessions will be held, among others concerning setting up a business, communication skills, preparation for an interview, public speaking, as well as other specialist workshops in the IT industry or even on innovative power supply systems for internal combustion engines. The training program is available on the website of the Office of Careers and Cooperation with Graduates of Białystok University of Technology:

The following e-mail registration is required for training: [email protected] The order of applications counts.

The organizer of the event is the Office of Careers and Cooperation with Graduates of the Białystok University of Technology.

Training schedule:

Auditorium PO / 33 ground floor of the Modern Education Center building at ul. Zwierzyniecka 16.

  • 9.00-10.00 How to sell sand in the desert, i.e. negotiations in difficult times, Mateusz Adaszczyk, head of the Bureau of Careers and Cooperation with BUT Alumni
  • 10.15-11.15 Own company - from idea to implementation, Sylwia Stokowska, Information and Career Planning Center in Białystok
  • 11.30-12.15 How to surprise a recruiter - or how to prepare for an interview, Izabela Niziałek, Magdalena Urbańska, Meble FORTE
  • 12.30-13.30 Build an inspiring, personalized public speech with us, Michał Zieliński and Monika Więckiewicz, Meble FORTE
  • 13.00-14.30 Build an effective organizational structure with us, Barbara Smosna, Natalia Idzik and Justyna Żurowska, Meble FORTE
  • 14.45-15.45 Once upon a time in IT - student's fantasy vs employers, Karolina Zalewska and Tomasz Łubkowski, Acaisoft
  • 16.00-17.00 Cybersecurity using Palo Alto firewalls. Get free training and become a TAC Engineer at iOPEX, Tomasz Nosal and Jagadeswara Rao Maddukuri, iOPEX

Conference room P2 / 037, 2nd floor of the Modern Education Center building at ul. Zwierzyniecka 16.

  • 10:00 - 11:15 Investment schedule - a bane or an antidote to a construction project? Learn the secrets of modern construction management, from potential problems to their solution. Grzegorz Siemieniuk - Contract manager at Unihouse SA
  • 11.30 - 12.00 LGI - innovative power supply system for internal combustion engines, Grzegorz Lewandowski - LPG TECH constructor,
  • 12:15 - 13:15 Running construction contracts. Practical aspects of construction investments. Standards and principles of the investment process. Technical, formal and legal part of construction investments. Elmont Group
  • 13:30 - 15:00 APQP Samochka, Advanced product quality design and planning in the automotive industry, mgr inż. Tomasz Michalik and dr inż. Krzysztof Kochanowski SMP Poland

The number of places is limited.

How to sign up?

Send an e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

In the content, enter the name of the training and your name and surname.