PFR 2.0 Financial Shield - applications can be submitted from January 15!


Another form of aid for companies has started - the PFR 2.0 Financial Shield, which includes 45 PKD codes. Thus, still not all entrepreneurs will be able to take advantage of it, because it mainly concerns small and medium-sized enterprises. Find out who can apply, how to do this and what support you can get.

PFR 2.0 Financial Shield who is affected by?

First of all, newly established companies, self-employed persons and enterprises that do not have an appropriate PKD as at December 31, 2019, November 1, 2020 and as at the date of submitting the application, are excluded from the aid. It is very important to note that this code does not have to be predominant.

List of eligible codes:

  1. 17.29.Z - Manufacture of other products made of paper and cardboard;

  2. 18.12.Z - Other printing;

  3. 18.13.Z - Service activities related to preparation for printing;

  4. 18.14.Z - Bookbinding and similar services;

  5. 49.39.Z - Other passenger land transport not elsewhere classified;

  6. 47.71.Z - Retail sale of clothing in specialized stores;

  7. 47.76.Z - Retail sale of flowers, plants, seeds, fertilizers, pet animals and pet food in specialized stores;

  8. 47.81.Z - Retail sale of food, beverages and tobacco products conducted at stalls and markets;

  9. 47.82.Z - Retail sale of textiles, clothing and footwear at stalls and markets;

  10. 47.89.Z - Retail sale of other products at stalls and markets;

  11. 56.21.Z - Preparing and delivering food to external recipients (catering);

  12. 55.10.Z - Hotels and similar accommodation;

  13. 55.20.Z - Tourist accommodation facilities and short-term accommodation facilities;

  14. 56.10.A - Restaurants and other permanent catering establishments;

  15. 56.10.B - Mobile catering establishments;

  16. 56.29.Z - Other catering service activities;

  17. 56.30.Z - Preparing and serving beverages;

  18. 59.14.Z - Activities related to film screening;

  19. 73.11.Z - Activities of advertising agencies;

  20. 74.20.Z - Photography activities;

  21. 77.21.Z - Renting and leasing of recreational and sports equipment;

  22. 79.11.A - Activities of travel agents;

  23. 79.12.Z - Activities of tourism organizers;

  24. 79.11.B - Activities of travel agents;

  25. 79.90.A - Activities of tour leaders and tourist guides;

  26. 79.90.B - Activities in the field of tourist information;

  27. 79.90.C - Other booking service activities, not elsewhere classified;

  28. 82.30.Z - Activities related to the organization of fairs, exhibitions and congresses;

  29. 85.51.Z - Extracurricular forms of sports education as well as sports and recreational activities;

  30. 85.52.Z - Extra-curricular forms of artistic education;

  31. 85.59.B - Other extracurricular forms of education, not elsewhere classified;

  32. 86.90.A - Physiotherapeutic activities;

  33. 86.90.D - Paramedical activities;

  34. 90.01.Z - Activities related to staging artistic performances - music group;

  35. 90.02.Z - Activities supporting the staging of artistic performances;]

  36. 90.04.Z - Activities of cultural facilities;

  37. 91.02.Z - Activities of museums;

  38. 93.11.Z - Activities of sports facilities;

  39. 93.13.Z - Activities of facilities to improve physical condition;

  40. 93.19.Z - Other activities related to sport;

  41. 93.21.Z - Activities of amusement parks and amusement parks;

  42. 93.29.A - Operation of escape rooms, houses of fear, places for dancing and other forms of entertainment or recreation organized indoors or in other closed spaces;

  43. 93.29.B - Other amusement and recreation activities, not elsewhere classified;

  44. 93.29.Z - Other amusement and recreation activities;

  45. 96.04.Z - Service activities related to the improvement of physical condition

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PFR 2.0 Financial Shield what are the conditions for receiving aid?

The amount of the subsidy received will depend primarily on the amount of loss incurred due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the size of the enterprise. Companies that have benefited from the Financial Shield 1.0 will be able to apply for support once again, provided that the decline in turnover is at least 30 percent of the loss. Possible periods are October to December or April to December, comparing 2020 with the previous year. If certain conditions are met, the funds received may also be canceled.

PFR 2.0 Financial Shield, how much is the aid?

The maximum amount of aid for micro-enterprises employing 1-9 employees, with a turnover or balance sheet total of up to EUR 2 million, may receive up to 36,000 per employee, and up to PLN 324,000 for all employees. Micro-enterprises that have already benefited from the support of the Financial Shield 1.0 may receive up to 72,000 from both shields per employee. Small and medium-sized companies employing from 1 to 249 employees with a turnover for 2019 of EUR 50 million or less or a balance sheet total of up to EUR 43 million may receive a total of up to PLN 3.5 million (including a maximum of PLN 72 thousand per employee). Small and medium-sized enterprises that received a subsidy from the Financial Shield 1.0 may obtain a maximum of PLN 144,000 per employee from both shields.

PFR 2.0 Financial Shield - how to apply for a subsidy?

An entrepreneur applying for funds from the state must submit a tax declaration in advance to the associated tax authority (JPK_V7M for monthly taxpayers or JPK_V7K for quarterly taxpayers). After at least 7 days from that deadline, the Bank may submit an application for a subsidy electronically via the bank. After considering the application and the agreement, the system will show the decision to grant or refuse the funds. After receiving funds from the state, the bank is obliged to transfer them to the company's account. Applications for assistance from Shield 2.0 will be accepted from January 15 to February 28, 2021.