Tagging on Facebook has benefits

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Were you at an interesting event and would you like to tell about it on Facebook, pointing to the great job of the organizers? The easiest way to do this is by tagging them in your post! Tagging or tagging other pages on Facebook has quite a lot of benefits for your profile. First of all, it gives you a chance to reach a wider audience free of charge. What else should you know about tagging on Facebook?

What does tagging mean?

Tagging on Facebook in posts or photos is nothing more than marking another user or page (fan page). The post will then contain a link to it or to the profile, the anchor of which in the content of the post (or in the photo) will be their name. Let's assume that you are at a meeting with representatives of ABC, which also runs its company page on Facebook.

You decided to write a few words about it on your fanpage and you marked ABC (or rather its website) in the post. Hence? It will be displayed not only to your fans, but also to ABC fans.

Tagging on Facebook is primarily a great and free tool for enlarging the so-called organic reach, i.e. one that does not involve advertising expenses. More reach is primarily a chance for other users to find out about your site. It is obtained by tagging other pages or users on Facebook, it does not yet generate specific profits or even conversions, but it has a positive effect on the company's recognition.

You can, of course, include in these types of posts a discreet and unobtrusive call-to-action or some other form of encouragement to visit and like your site. It is also obvious that it is especially profitable to tag pages with a lot of fans as this naturally increases the reach of your posts.

Tagging on Facebook - can others tag you?

As every stick has two ends, tagging on Facebook works both ways. Not only does tagging others in your posts have the benefit of increased reach, but your page is also remembered by others. How to check if other FB users can tag your page on their posts or photos? Log in to your fanpage. In the upper right corner, select Settings. After clicking, a menu will appear:

At section General among the various settings, two will be visible (marked in the screenshot): The ability to add tags and Other people marking this page.

The first is that other users can tag themselves on the photos or videos you post. This is especially beneficial when you publish, for example, a photo gallery from an event you were organizing. Then the people present at the event will be able to mark it on the photo you publish. It will then work in a known way - the photos can be seen by fans of the marked page or friends of the marked user. By default, only administrators can add tags to photos or videos.

Second setting - Other people marking this page - defines whether other users can tag your page in their posts or in their photos. By default they have such permission and it is not worth changing it.

If you want to change the default settings, and we advise you to do so in the first case, you click on the button Edit to the right. A window will pop up with the option to select whether you allow certain actions by other users. Make your selection and click the button save Changes.

Tagging on Facebook - how to do it?

If you want to mention a specific person in a post, start typing their first and last name with a capital letter while creating the post. A short list of people they may be referring to should be displayed - select the right one by clicking on their profile in the list. It will be marked. You can also do it in another way - by clicking on the icon Tag people in your postunder the post entry box. If you want to tag a different fanpage - when creating a post, enter "@" and then, without spaces, start typing the name. As in the case of people - a list will appear from which you choose the item of interest.

You can add tags to photos in the photo adding wizard, available from the photo gallery on your website. Just click anywhere on the photo you're adding and you'll be able to tag a page or person. When the photo has already been published and you want to add a tag - open it in the gallery and click on the button Tag the photo. Then, in the same way, by clicking on selected places on the photo, you can mark people or pages. Finally, select the button at the bottom of the page Finish tagging.

Tagging on Facebook is, above all, a great idea for establishing cooperation between companies via Facebook. They can be, for example, companies offering complementary products or services. For example, a company offering houses for rent on a lake and a company selling water sports equipment can benefit from such cooperation. Tagging is also a good way to reach a specific target group - for example, a bicycle retailer tagged a page for a city's cycling community in their posts. Unfortunately, tagging is still a tool of small businesses, fighting for popularity and recognition in this way. However, it is worth considering this as the aforementioned bridge to cooperation. It will definitely benefit companies to both sides.