Tablet, notebook or smartphone - which mobile device to choose?

Service Business

Choosing computers for employees is a serious matter. Good matching of the equipment to the needs depends not only on the comfort of subordinates, but also their efficiency. A device that is inconvenient to use can ruin morale. A slow-running and always hanging computer will take up many hours of valuable time. There is one conclusion - you should not save on machines, because in the future it can take a lot of revenge on the company's condition. Which mobile device is the best?

Mobile device - selection criteria

The most important criterion when buying computers for a company is, of course, their purpose. Specialized IT companies must rely on ultra-efficient machines designed for graphics processing or complex programming. In this article, however, we will look at the classic and most common application, i.e. office work. Normally, a few basic applications such as a spreadsheet, word processor, and web browser with multiple windows open are usually launched under standard conditions. In order for the computer to cope with such a load, it needs at least 2 GB of RAM, i.e. the cache used for current tasks. In the case of Windows 8, even twice the value is recommended. The processor is also of great importance. Companies - it seems - are dominated by energy-saving Intel Atom, providing average performance with low electricity consumption. If you want to improve your work in the company, think about stronger layouts. Current processor power comparisons can be found without problems on many websites. When it comes to choosing the operating system, it is worth choosing either Windows (preferably 7 its version, 8 is not suitable for serious work) or one of the Linux distributions.

Mobile device - desktop

In the case of office work, the best solution - for many years - remains the classic desktop, i.e. the monitor set + the workstation itself. As the only one of the types of machines mentioned in the article, it can provide maximum efficiency with high comfort of work. The power of the desktop is not limited by its dimensions, which is why computers of this type vary greatly in terms of speed - it all depends on the money invested in the components. All-in-one models, i.e. computers that fit in the monitor housing, are gaining more and more popularity. This type of equipment is offered by, among others, HP and Apple. In combination with a wireless mouse and keyboard, such a set is extremely convenient for the user, and also very handy in transport and space-saving.

Mobile device - tablet

This mobile device in the form of a small computer with a touch screen is very popular - in fact, it's hard to say why. Its efficiency is low and the possibilities are usually very limited. It is not suitable for office work for a simple reason - it does not have a keyboard, so writing on it is very tiring acrobatics. Its usefulness for the company is limited only to situations in which employees are often out of the office and must have constant access to the company's resources. On the other hand - in such cases, a laptop or a netbook will be a better solution. As for the characteristics of tablets, it should be noted that there is an exceptional variety of tablet models on the market. Some of them work on Linux-based Android, some on iOS from Apple, and some - on a special version of Windows.

A laptop and netbook mobile device

Portable computers are ideal for employees who perform part (or all) of their duties outside the office. In a permanent workplace, laptops and netbooks will not be a good solution - for two reasons. First of all, they offer lower performance than classic desktops, and the improvements that improve their power are much more expensive. Secondly - they are simply inconvenient when working for many hours. At this point, a distinction has to be made between a laptop and a netbook - the latter is usually much smaller (8-12 inch screen diagonal), and at the same time less efficient. Its unquestionable advantage is the battery life, comparable to a tablet and much longer than what can be obtained on a typical laptop. The drawback is the dimensions of the netbook, which do not provide high comfort of work.

Mobile device - smartphone

A phone that is often equal in performance to tablets is now a very common sight. Such equipment is naturally not suitable for everyday office work, but it can be a great help for those who want to have instant access to e-mail and company databases. When you have a decent smartphone, the purchase of a tablet basically becomes redundant. High-end cameras have basically the same functions, similar performance and a similar screen size (5-6 inches). So it's not worth duplicating expenses.