Data encryption - learn about effective ways to protect your information


Entrepreneurs should remember that they are responsible for the protection of the personal data of their customers and suppliers. One way to secure it is to transfer information by encrypting the data.

Securing collections, i.e. encryption of personal data

If the entrepreneur has personal data collected in a set of e.g. customers covered by a loyalty program, he becomes the data controller and should know that he is under a statutory obligation to protect them.

Art. 36 sec. 1 of the Personal Data Protection Act

The data controller is obliged to apply technical and organizational measures to ensure the protection of personal data being processed, appropriate to the threats and categories of data protected, and in particular, should protect personal data against disclosure to unauthorized persons, removal by an unauthorized person, processing in violation of the Act and change, loss, damage. or destruction.

Importantly, even if the data set held by the entrepreneur is exempt from registration with the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (GIODO), it is not released from the obligation to protect - provide security.

The risk of transmitting personal data over the Internet

Due to the widespread use of the Internet, also when performing activities related to the conducted business activity, the entrepreneur should know that when processing data using the network, he is obliged to apply a high level of security. It results from the provisions of the Regulation of the Minister of Internal Affairs and Administration on the documentation of personal data processing. If personal data is sent by teletransmission using the public network, there is a risk at any time that they will be taken over by unauthorized persons, and then they may be changed or damaged. Therefore, it is necessary to apply safeguards that will protect personal data transmitted via the network against their unwanted use. One of the security methods is encryption.