Fast computer - tips and tricks to get it for you

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It is natural that the computer becomes slower after several years of regular use. Apart from the aging components, which we have no control over, we can make sure you have a fast computer.

It is no wonder now that the electronic equipment we buy today is obsolete in some time. However, if we take care of our own electronic devices, they can fulfill their basic functions much longer - the cause of some problems is improper operation.

A computer - whether stationary or portable - continues to be the primary gateway to the world. We spend a lot of time at work in front of him, and also after hours. Therefore, it is worth taking care of its condition.

Let's not install unnecessary applications ...

The more useless programs and applications we upload to our computer, the worse. We should try to install only those that we will definitely use or that are needed for everyday use. Choose carefully the websites from which we download them and try to always choose the trusted ones. It's a good idea to partition the drive and install programs on one that doesn't have an operating system.

... and be careful during installation

Most installers take advantage of the ignorance and inattention of users by uploading additional programs that strain the computer's memory. When accepting the installation conditions, it is worth reading what we confirm and try to uncheck all unnecessary services, such as those related to an additional web browser or toolbar. Several such processes can slow down your computer completely.

Fast computer and unnecessary services

During the system startup, special Windows services are launched, most of which are not needed in our daily work. It's a good idea to turn them off via the control panel so they don't burden your RAM unnecessarily. Applications that we can definitely opt out of include network login, messenger or error reporting service.

Let's control the autostart

Not all applications that we have on our hard drive have to start at system startup and run in the background. This puts a heavy burden on our equipment, and we do not derive any tangible benefits from it.We should try to disable such services if we do not need them.

Let's empty the trash

A seemingly insignificant thing as an overflowing recycle bin can significantly degrade the performance of our computer. Let's try to review what we've thrown out once a month and delete unnecessary files permanently. Thanks to this solution, we will save a lot of disk space.

We should clean the system regularly to have a fast computer

Try to regularly scan your computer with an antivirus program. It's also worth installing a good firewall. From time to time, it is also good to remove unnecessary files from the disk, clean up temporary files or run a defragmentation of the hard disk. If we do this regularly, we will have no problems with the speed of the equipment.

Let's also take care of the system registry

On the occasion of regular disk cleaning and defragmentation, it is also worth taking care of cleaning the system registry. In this case, as long as we do not have experience in this field ourselves, we can use the help of an IT specialist or professional programs intended for this purpose.

These few simple tips for a fast computer can enable us to get long satisfaction from the speed of our computer. It often happens that it is not hardware faults, but a cluttered system that causes the most common failures and uncontrolled slowdown of our equipment.