Are you looking for an employee? Prepare a good job offer!

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A job offer is not only an advertisement, but also a kind of business card. Upon seeing it, the candidate initially assesses whether the company is doing something that meets their expectations and whether they would like to work for it. Therefore, in order to attract such people to an interview, the job advertisement must be properly constructed. Below we present what elements can not be missing from it. If you want to find a suitable employee, prepare a good job offer.

Prepare a good job offer - mandatory elements

While there is no template for creating job advertisements, there is a commonly accepted model.

It includes:

  • heading,

  • company name,

  • the name of the job position,

  • responsibilities,

  • working conditions,

  • characteristics of the person you are looking for (experience, education, qualifications),

  • company description,

  • the location of the workplace,

  • contact invitation,

  • a clause on the protection of personal data.

Drafting certain parts of the job offer requires special attention.

The first contact with the announcement - the header

So that the candidate's contact with the job offer is not interrupted too quickly, in addition to the name of the company, the advantages of working for it should also be presented in the headline. What's more, you should choose words that will immediately attract the candidate's attention and encourage him to read the rest of the offer. It will also be beneficial to include attractive information - about salary or company car - to the header.

Details - job description

A detailed job description is the most important part of the prepared job offer. For this reason, it should be placed in the header, and if it is placed somewhere below, its text should be bold.

When constructing this part of the advertisement, you need to focus only on the most important obligations in order to maintain a legible appearance of the offer. However, it is worth remembering not to overdo it with emphasizing the advantages of a given activity - it is not about advertising, but only about arousing interest.

In the description of a given function that can be performed in a company, you can also include data on the amount of remuneration or gadgets that will be granted to the employee (such as a mobile phone, laptop, apartment or car).

Ideal candidate - description

A job seeker who reads the description of the candidate they are looking for should have an easy understanding of what is required of a prospective employee as part of:

  • experience - how many years should you have worked in the profession and in what specific positions,

  • education - what field of study should be completed and at what level,

  • qualifications - what skills should be possessed.

Although it is very common in job advertisements, you should not include a list of qualities that a candidate must have, such as: conscientiousness, responsibility or willingness to act. They sound like empty words to jobseekers.

Company identification

In the introduction, it was mentioned that the job offer should be the company's showcase. For this to happen, its description should be appropriately formed. It should contain the name of the company and an attractive description of its activities (including information about the mission, trade idea or employee development prospects).

The company's logo, address (which will additionally increase trust in the advertiser), e-mail, contact telephone number and a link to its website will also contribute to the favorable identification of the company in the eyes of the candidates.

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Encouraging contact

At the end of the advertisement, it should be clearly presented how the interested person can apply for the described position - by e-mail, in person, by phone - and what the application should consist of (the CV itself or additionally a cover letter).

In this part of the offer, you must also specify the deadline for submitting documents and include an interesting invitation to contact.

Prepare a good job offer - what to avoid?

In addition to the elements that must be included in the job offer, you should also remember what not to enter. First of all, the employer should make sure that his advertisement does not include content that is illegal, e.g. discriminating against recipients on the basis of sex, age or religion. In addition, the correctness of the offer should be checked - both formal (whether all information is correct) and linguistic. When assessing the latter, you need to make sure that there are no spelling or stylistic errors, too general formulations and that the text is easy to understand. When looking at the language control, one should also consider whether the edited message does not sound negative and will not be misinterpreted by the reader.

Prepare a good job offer in order to build the candidate's initial trust in the employer, interest in the company's activities, and ultimately lead to the application for the described position. Benefits will also appear on the side of the person looking for employees - if he correctly describes the requirements for the new person, he will increase his chances of recruiting with specialized candidates. Thanks to this, it will save time and money that would have to be spent if he did not find anyone due to a poorly formulated offer.