Training new act on energy prices - consequences for the market


The new act on energy prices - consequences for the market

We invite you to the specialized training "New Energy Prices Act - consequences for the market", which will be held on May 9, 2019 in Warsaw. The training will be entirely conducted by Dr. Zdzisław Muras.

The new act on energy prices - consequences for the market

The main topic of the training will be the discussion of the Act, signed by President Andrzej Duda, amending the Act on Energy Prices, which will lead, inter alia, to to remove the obligation to maintain prices at a level no higher than at the end of 2018 by electricity transmission and distribution companies. The amendment restores to the President of the ERO the exclusive right to set charges for the transmission and distribution of electricity. During the event, Dr. Zdzisław Muras will analyze the consequences of implementing the provisions for individual entities on the market.

Topics covered:

  • Changes for Power System Operators

  • Changes for Sellers and Recipients on the electricity market

  • Rules for applying for compensation for sellers and end users

  • Directions of changes in the domestic electricity market - adopted directives of the winter package

  • Legal basis for the functioning of the energy market.

We invite entities from the energy market, in particular those operating as trading companies and DSOs, to participate in the training. The training is aimed at employees of the following departments:

in OSD:

  • measurements, balancing,

  • legal, operator services

  • forecasts and demand

  • contracts and settlements

  • customer service

in trading companies:

  • wholesale trade, portfolio management

  • contracts and contracts

  • billing and reporting

  • legal / regulation

  • pricing policy

  • customer service

More information can be found on the website of the event.

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