Employee motivation systems - how to encourage the team to work effectively?

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The success of any company that employs employees largely depends on their commitment and job satisfaction. It is clear, the more mobilized an employee is, the more efficient. More and more often, the solutions that entrepreneurs use are employee motivation systems, aimed at improving their well-being and remuneration for the work they do. For the employer, this can bring many benefits in the form of increased commitment to the assigned tasks.

Motivating systems - types

The importance of incentive systems in companies becomes a very important factor appreciated by managers. There are many ways to increase employee engagement in the performance of their duties. Generally speaking, the incentive systems are divided into financial and non-financial. The first ones include, first of all, financial rewards, i.e. discretionary or performance-related bonuses, or pay raises.

Many companies also decide to use the competition system of awarding additional remuneration. In practice, at the beginning of the year, a competition is announced (e.g. for the highest sales results) and the rules for evaluating the results. At the end of the year, the managers make a decision by awarding the best an additional salary or an in-kind award.

The non-wage motivating methods include, among others additional insurance packages, cinema and fitness club tickets, foreign language courses, employee integration trips, discounts on company products, Christmas vouchers or company dinners. However, these benefits are only effective if the entrepreneur properly communicates to employees that it is in addition to their remuneration and not something that is "due" to them as employees.

Creating a motivating system

The most important task of this system is that it must actually bring benefits to employees. Particular attention should be paid to the type and duration of their work so that it does not turn out that they cannot take advantage of the offered extras. There may be situations where the creation of an employee motivation system will not be easy, and the necessary solution will be to use the help of a specialist. Thanks to the precise identification of the work environment and the specifics of the activity, he will be able to choose the optimal motivation system.

How to keep the best employees?

If the employer has a well-coordinated team of employees who work great in the group and performs their activities well, he should take care of them. Motivating systems do just that. If a person feels good in the company, they will definitely want to stay longer, which saves the company time and money. The cost of losing an employee is equal to ten times his salary. The motivation to stay permanently may vary:

  • good atmosphere
  • good organization of work
  • opportunity to develop
  • building organizational culture
  • fair pricing policy

Advantages and benefits of motivation systems

The existence of motivation systems in the enterprise brings many benefits to both employees and the employer himself. Employees derive greater satisfaction from work, increasing their commitment to the tasks entrusted to them. By obtaining additional financial or non-financial benefits, they increase their contribution to the development of the company, which is so important today. Granting certain bonuses by the employer can reduce employee turnover, while affecting the company's stability. Such action also warms the image of the company as friendly and caring for its employees. Proper operation of the incentive systems ensures that the employer will not leave the company to compete, tempting only with higher wages.