A subjective review of Polish books that are worth reading

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Relaxing with a book is extremely pleasant, it allows you to broaden your horizons, increase our knowledge and vocabulary. There is probably no need to convince anyone how important this type of entertainment is. Often, when we want to spend time reading, we are asked the question: what is worth reading? We present a subjective review of Polish books worth attention.

Books by Krystyna Janda

Krystyna Janda is a living legend of Polish cinema. It's hard to find someone who doesn't know her charismatic personality. In addition to acting, running the theater and foundations, Krystyna Janda also writes books, columns for newspapers and an internet journal. Fragments of the latter have been included in the books www.małpa.pl and www.małpa2.pl. The author is an extraordinary observer of everyday life, very emotional, distracted, getting entangled in situations that cause sincere bursts of laughter. In the background, we will also get to know the wonderful love story of Janda and her husband, Edward Kłosiński. In all books we can find a lot of emotions, thoughts, curiosities, laughter and tears, so it is worth reaching for the publications of this author - we will certainly not regret it.

Letters that have become a book

Agnieszka Osiecka and Jeremi Przybora - artists, poets, extremely talented people who have been linked by a passionate romance. Their letters are small works of art that are read with bated breath, so it's no wonder that they are combined in a book Letters on exhausted paper delight. Correspondence is very private, at times you can get the impression that we are surreptitiously reaching for someone else's letters and reading them, even though we should not. Both Osiecka and Przybora were excellent at expressing their feelings into words, so the book evokes incredible emotions. It is not a simple account, it is not a regular feeling, nor is it an ordinary book, but a fragment of something very personal. It is definitely worth reading this item.

A book that is terrifyingly true

Another proposal is completely different from the ones presented above - Katarzyna Bonda presents readers with portraits of Polish murderers. The author met and talked with them, she also looked through the case files to include everything in a truly shocking bookPolish murderers. Women-killers are rarely talked about in Poland. Often the motive for their crimes is simply to free themselves from the power of tyrant husbands. This is not always the case, of course, and there are many reasons why they kill. Katarzyna Bonda first lets us know the version of the convicted women, then presents the case files and expert opinion. It is truly amazing how we can be surprised by the difference between these passages. Knowing the minds of murderers is terrible and fascinating at the same time.

A review of Polish books with a grain of salt

The last of the recommended items will be a book that tells about the murders in a completely different way, because it is a joking crime story by Joanna Chmielewska. Everything red he has a lot of fun. A murder victim is spotted after a party on the terrace, with many visitors. However, the case does not end with one person killed. In this detective story we find a lot of black humor with perfectly constructed jokes. The book is light and pleasant, perfect when you want to rest and have fun reading.

A wide selection of Polish books will surely make every reader find something suitable for themselves, regardless of what genre is their favorite. Polish authors write well, and their books can be read with genuine pleasure. Let's also create our own review of Polish books (we can also create a separate one, with foreign items) and share it with friends - maybe what we have known and read for a long time will be a real discovery for them?