Product page in an online store - what should it contain?

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Setting up an online store for today is no problem. It is enough to have a good idea, interesting products, look for a platform that offers software for an online store, create seemingly unimportant elements such as a product page and you can start working. But is it really so? Is it really sufficient in times of so much competition and growing expectations of consumers? It is worth considering for a moment what else can have a decisive impact on whether a given online business can cope with the world of constant struggle for existence on the market.

Undoubtedly, the most decisive link in trade is the customer and the path of hitting the right place at the right time. However, is the proper preparation of the path followed by the client a guarantee of success?

As it turns out, at this stage, the whole process of fighting and striving for the client does not stop yet. Now it is necessary to present the product / offer to the potential customer in such a way that he is convinced that he has exactly what he is looking for at that moment and what will fully satisfy his needs. Therefore, in today's article we will focus only on the product page, i.e. the place where each consumer will ultimately decide whether to buy or not.

Product page - assumptions

There is probably no one and the best recipe for what the perfect product page, also known as the product card, should look like. Due to the fact that there are different segments on the market and each group of recipients may have different expectations as to the way the offer is presented, this forces sellers to look for a golden mean ideal for their sector.

It is worth noting, however, that there are certain elements that should absolutely be found on the product page, because without them there is no chance to complete a purchase transaction. Therefore, we will undertake the task of presenting the necessary components of the product page that can significantly affect the sales results of a given e-store.

Product page - key elements

Product page with name

It would seem that the name of the product is obvious to all traders on the internet. But is it really so? Is the name of the offered product on the website that is apparently obvious and understandable for the seller to be interpreted in the same way by consumers visiting his shop? The answer to this question is provided by numerous examples of names placed on product pages that often require the use of a translator in order to properly interpret and understand them. A specific designation of a brand, model or variant, expanded with significant parameters that allow the identification of a given product, may seemingly be of little importance, but confirmed by experience and extremely significant for the recipient.

Wording the name of the product is one thing, and the way it is presented is the other side of the coin. A large, clear name that does not blend in with the rest of the text is probably a recipe for it not to pass unnoticed, and a potential customer at first glance to feel that he has hit the right place. It is also worth taking into account the role that the name can play in the positioning of websites and use the appropriate tag, which is H1, to write it.

Product page and price

Another, if not the most important for the majority of buyers in online stores, the decisive factor in the purchase is undoubtedly the price of the product. Regardless of whether it is the offline or online world it has always played and will continue to play a very important role.

Often the decision to buy a given product is made before entering the e-shop's website. A popular practice is to do a reconnaissance in a stationary / traditional store in order to check the product that consumers are interested in, and then make a purchase online. A price comparison of a product that has been verified visually is an ideal opportunity for online traders. Thanks to the possibility of offering much more competitive prices than the offline market can offer, the price itself may become the only argument for making a purchase in a given place. That is why it is worth making sure that it is properly distinguished and displayed on the product page. And if it is so competitive on the market, all the more care should be taken to make it a ticket to win the customer and return to the store in the future as a result of the positive experiences accompanying him during previous purchases in a given place.

It is even an unacceptable mistake to post an outdated price of a given product on the product page. Misleading the consumer may cost a lot, so every effort should be made to ensure that this amount is always applicable and adapted to the situations of promotions or discounts.

Photos and product page

Especially the online world, which does not allow the use of senses such as taste, smell or touch, should pay attention to the use of human perception. It is popular to say that we shop with our eyes and there is probably a lot of truth in it. If the customer is to decide to buy in our store, it is worth making the choice consciously and knowing exactly what they are buying. And without a doubt, good quality photos will be very useful in this. It should be remembered that the ability to see even the smallest detail up close, or look at products from every possible perspective, can have a significant impact on the final decision of each potential buyer.

It is also worth remembering that the photos should be the actual image of the product offered on the website, otherwise they may only become an anti-advertisement of a given store in the future.

Product page vs. video

An attractive form of presenting the product, its values ​​and methods of its use is the use of a message in the form of a video posted on the product page of the e-shop. It is a form of additional support for the photos and descriptions posted on the website, which can have a very persuasive effect on the potential buyer. Of course, the condition for its effectiveness is proper thinking and preparation. It is definitely a more expressive medium that allows you to present the advantages and benefits of purchasing a given product than photos, so it is worth considering the use of such a visual means of sale, the use of which can at most diversify and support sales in the store.

Product page and description

Seeing is one thing, but getting to know the detailed information about the product is another matter. Product descriptions, depending on the specifics of a given industry, will undoubtedly differ from each other. While in some cases the inclusion of an almost complete manual or technical specification is necessary, in others it would be a categorical mistake. Copying information and product descriptions from other sources is also a significant mistake, but very popular when observing network resources. Such a duplication procedure has a negative impact both in the perception by the consumer, who everywhere learns only the same about the product and Google robots "a. It is therefore worth trying to create a description that encourages the readers to buy thanks to the possibility of obtaining much more from such content. information than can be obtained from the competition. It is not a good move to describe only the features of the products. They are important, but it is worth considering whether it is really justified for each type of product? description about the presentation of the advantages and benefits of having a product can become a passport to achieving the assumed goal, which is sales.

It is also worth remembering that the description itself on the product page should be concise, concise, but above all written in a language that is friendly and understandable to potential customers. So that its role is clear and obvious, and as a result it leads to only one thing - encouraging to buy.

Product page and buttons

It is not possible to purchase if the "add to cart" button does not appear on the product page. It would seem that this is one of the most basic elements of the product page, but it is probably not so obvious for every store owner. There are still examples of stores that even take care of hiding this important element of the product page.

Will a tiny button, almost invisible and located in a place where no one would even expect it, be a good move? Rather not, because even in this case it is worth taking into account the habits of e-consumers who do not like to feel surprised in certain situations.

Having a clear button in the right place, it is worth taking care of a properly formulated "call to action", i.e. call to action. How is a slogan that causes consternation, embarrassment or awkwardness to fulfill its role?

When viewing the online stores and their product pages, the first thing that notices you is the color of the button there. Apparently it's just a color, but its role cannot be diminished. Contrasting with the background and special distinction thanks to the play of colors on the product page is an element that will undoubtedly affect the conversion. Therefore, if we want to be sure that the color of the button on the website of a given store is well matched, it is worth trying to test which of them is the best for sale in this particular place.

The expressiveness and increased attention of e-consumers can also be emphasized by using an animation as part of the button.

Product page and additional information

Product presentation on the e-shop website is also a presentation of all the necessary information related to the entire service accompanying the shopping process itself. Costs, terms and time of delivery, product availability, details of a possible promotion or terms of purchase in installments, etc. These are messages that make the consumer feel safer, knowing what to expect when completing the transaction. Everyone, when making a purchase, likes to be sure that no situation related to it will surprise or discourage them.

Opinions, reviews and comments and the product page

We ourselves often decide to follow the opinions posted on the Internet before making a purchase. It is not difficult to guess that we belong to the majority of Internet users for whom it is an extremely valuable source of information, having a huge impact on purchasing decisions not only online. For this reason, placing on the product page the possibility of publishing ratings or comments of other Internet users using a given product is a very appropriate move. Thanks to this, not only a given product can gain in the eyes of potential buyers, but also we will enable the inclusion of additional information enriching the product description with information that may constitute unique information about the product compared to what is on other websites on the Internet.

Bundling and product page

If it is possible to present additional products related to the one to which the given product page relates, it is undoubtedly worth using. Being, for example, on the website of the furnace and automatically presenting the accessories needed for its proper installation, you can contribute to the fact that this comprehensive offer in one place will determine the purchase. However, this type of product recommendation requires a deeper analysis, what should be correlated with in order for the treatment to actually make sense and justification. In addition to related products, on the product page, you can use the procedure of presenting a set (joint purchase with another product from the offer gives you profits) or displaying products that other Internet users have purchased. The use of such links on the product page is undoubtedly a good move, and the effect of this will be reflected in the generated sales results of each store.

As can be concluded from the above analysis, the product side is a component of many elements, each of which can significantly decide about the success or failure of a given e-shop. However, for the website to be effective, it is important that all components work together and match them to the current needs and expectations of consumers. In order to create the most effective place of sale, it is worth observing the behavior of Internet users visiting the store and carefully listen to the tips they send, because they are able to suggest exactly what should be done to make it even better. You have to remember that a given store is created with its own customers in mind and they are the ones who are able to show the best paths and directions of its development to the greatest extent.