Company website - how to recognize if it is good?

Service Business

The company's own website is the basis for promotion. It was examined that its attractiveness and good conduct influences the perception of the brand as a leader in the industry. However, before others evaluate our website, we should look at it ourselves with a critical eye and assess how many points it deserves on a six-point scale.

Pay attention to whether the website has large photos and background graphics

In the era of mobile devices, Internet users are mainly interested in the image. It is the graphic that sells the content, not the other way around. Therefore, when designing a website, it is worth considering placing a large photo in the background and presenting the text on it. Please note that the photos are extremely colorful and the content may be unreadable. To avoid this, you can apply grayscale filters to the photos or make them uniform in corporate colors. Thanks to this, we can put the logo directly on the photo, and the whole thing will gain a unique character. There is one more way to get around this problem.It consists in placing a single-color background or with a tonal transition. It also allows you to emphasize the headline even more.

Do you use flat design?

Flat design is a graphic design technique based on minimalism and simplicity of the message. It assumes the elimination of elements such as gradients and shading. A graphically simple website of the company becomes easier to read and loads faster. This style is used by major brands such as Apple, Google and Microsoft. The advantage of this technique is not only aesthetics, but also better user interaction with the content itself and browsing the website without unnecessary disturbances.

The company's website should have a mobile version

Users practically most often view websites on mobile devices. With the growth of this tendency, designing responsive websites, i.e. websites adapted to smartphones and tablets, has even become a necessity. A properly made side recognizes the size of the device and adjusts the layout, arrangement and size of the elements, as well as its dimensions. Thanks to this, the user gets the best solution for his device. Google also promotes websites that have a mobile version. 

Does your website have animations?

More and more pages are becoming more interactive and using Parallax Scrolling animations that draw attention and usefully convey valuable content, activating as the page scrolls. An example is the website of the cosmetics company Rimmel London.

The page, while scrolling, smoothly changes its design, instead of going lower. Users' engagement on such websites is 70% higher than on other websites. Such navigation is a functional solution for many reasons. First of all, it reduces the page loading time, because subsequent elements load while browsing the previous ones. In addition, the user himself does not have to click on subsequent content, but only scrolls the page, and the text appears to him in an attractive and orderly manner.


Is your website unique with typography?

Appropriate typography influences the reception of the website. The font on your website should reflect the company's strengths, such as tradition, modernity or openness. It is worth choosing two versions that will work together. One can be used for headings and another for the rest of the content. There are free and paid fonts, depending on the budget for the website design, choose the right one.

Does your website have a video?

Thanks to the HTML5 function, it is possible to place video displayed in the background of the page. This option is an interesting solution that attracts users' attention and distinguishes it from the competition. It can be used on the home page instead of a photo or graphic, or on subpages as a complement to the text. 

How many points did you rate your website?

After analyzing all these indicators, you can perfectly see what else needs to be improved on the website and what elements to add to make it as functional as possible. Since the company's website can translate into its profit, it should stand out from the competition, and the use of the above elements can provide us with this.