CSR strategy and the company's competitiveness

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CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility

Contemporary entrepreneurs are aware that their business affects not only their contractors, but also the environment in which they operate. Public opinion also has a huge impact on any company and it is worth taking it into account in everyday work. In connection with the above, entrepreneurs more and more willingly decide to pursue a policy of corporate social responsibility (CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility), which consists in taking into account the impact of their company on society and the environment.

Why are companies more and more willing to engage in taking care of both the social and environmental environment? It is mainly related to the globalization process, easier access to information from all over the world and ethical considerations. Public opinion more and more often refers to the morality of businessmen in order to influence them and encourage them to share their interest in the environment and other people.

CSR - integration of the good of the company with social needs

It is not difficult to observe that this is what international companies think about the global aspect of CSR. Smaller enterprises, which conduct their activities based on the CSR policy, are more interested in increasing their competitiveness in the local area. Therefore, they try to get involved in the activities of local authorities and the everyday life of residents, who, in turn, count on entrepreneurs to get involved in their affairs. Thus, enterprise management in accordance with the CSR concept can be defined as the integration of the good of the company with social needs. When making investment decisions, entrepreneurs are guided by ethical principles, employee rights and human rights, as well as the social environment and the environment. Corporate social responsibility is based on the principles of dialogue and the search for a mutually beneficial solution.

There are many cases of companies that successfully use the CSR strategy. The most valuable social or environmental examples are:

  • creating a fund for employees and their families, from which funds are allocated for educational, cultural or sports purposes,
  • creating a health prevention program for employees,
  • sponsoring local charity events or scholarships for children from the poorest families,
  • conducting environmentally friendly waste management in the enterprise,
  • donating part of the profits from the activity to purchasing and planting trees and shrubs in the region.

When deciding to use the CSR concept in the enterprise, you should be aware that the process of changing the company's image is long and requires a lot of work. Each action should be carefully thought out, and the concept of changes should be coherent and credible. Acceptance of the enterprise by local communities is associated with specific benefits for the company. First of all, it enables easier access to highly qualified staff. In addition, it contributes to an increase in the number of customers and suppliers, which results in an increase in the company's value. The aforementioned benefits are primarily related to the creation of a professional image of the company as a reliable and noteworthy company. And this is important from a marketing point of view. However, it is worth realizing that CSR also contributes to an increase in the company's profits, because all socially responsible activities are positively perceived by the environment. As a result, they contribute to increasing sales and increasing customer loyalty.

Managing a company based on the principles of responsible business must be directly related to the company's basic goals and activities. Moreover, the implementation of an effective CSR strategy is possible only with full understanding and support of decision-makers in the company.

According to a number of available reports, more and more companies in Poland use the CSR strategy. Large enterprises have been doing very well in this field from the very beginning. Moreover, more and more small and medium-sized enterprises are also successful in this area. The concept of corporate social responsibility is expected to develop slowly but steadily.